How to Soundproof a Hot Tub Motor?

If you have a hot tub you can have a great time while taking a bath (read here on how to quiet a noisy bathroom fan) and you may have seen a number of scenes in movies where heroes and heroines are relaxing in a hot tub. It is an elite experience and if you are able to enjoy it you can definitely have a good time every day. It is important that everything is working properly in order to have a great experience. If your hot tub motor is making noise then it could get disturbing and today we have come up with a list of solutions just to solve this issue. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

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Utilize a Soundproofing Mat

soundproof mat

If your motor is vibrating and making noise in the result you can use a soundproofing mat that would definitely reduce the issue. These mats are designed especially for the moto vehicles to decrease the noise going in the cabin while you are driving them. They are built from a special kind of rubber that has insulating abilities.

In order to make this work, you need to line the motor housing with a single or more than one mat. This would only be applicable if the motor is fixed to the ground. If it isn’t fixed then you will have to place the mats beneath the motor. It would be great if you can use mats to line with the housing as well because that would also absorb a huge amount of noise.

If you are placing the soundproofing mats on the outside of the housing it would work as well, because of the insulation abilities and it would be better because there wouldn’t be any danger of mats too much heat that could reduce the effectiveness of the solution.

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Use a Strong Base for the Hot Tub

hot tub

When you are using a hot tub and you look closely you would see that it is placed on a particular surface and the type of surface could make all the difference. If the surface is not strong then you will have to deal with a huge amount of vibration and the space between the surface and tub could amplify the noise as well. If you have a choice you should consider putting it on a concrete surface or you can use some tiles as well for the base. The stronger the surface the better results you will get.

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Anti-Vibration Mats as a Base

There are different anti-vibration mats available in the market that can act as a sturdy base for your hot tub. Using them is not difficult at all because you can just place them beneath the tub. The functionality of this product is similar to that of soundproofing mats and these mats would not only reduce the vibration of the motor but also deal with the sound being emitted from the pump and the heater.

Use a Casing for the Whole Tub

bath tub casing

Encasing the hot tub may seem a weird idea but it definitely works and if you don’t have a cover you need to buy one as soon as you can. The secret is that it would reduce the noise coming into the tub and you won’t be disturbed at all. It would mean that you wouldn’t even have to think about the motor because you have tried solving that issue already. If you are in luck you wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of noise anyway and the casing will reduce the problem even further.

Moreover, you can even think about using the ground as the base of the tub and you can enclose it giving you a lot of protection against any kind of disturbance. For the casing, you can use slabs or tiles that have soundproofing qualities. There is another solution to use wood in order to get even better results. The wooden casing can also be bought from the market but you have to make sure that you get the dimensions right. You can even use the same solution for the motor so you get rid of sound coming from the source directly.

Get a Box for the Motor

If all the above-explained solutions are not working for you then it is time to move ahead and enclose the motor in a box with soundproofing qualities.  You can build a box yourself using a soundproofing material, nails, and glue. The choice of material is upon you but we will suggest that you use a fiberboard. Cut the board according to the dimensions of each side of the motor and add some extra space as well. Now add additional sound damping material on each side of the box and then join them together from the corners.

After joining them at the corners you can use the nails to fix the sides into each other properly giving a box-like structure to the whole thing. Make sure that you have also take care of the ventilation space and put some holes that would help the whole process as well. Now put the motor inside the box and you will be able to notice a clear difference in the amount of sound coming out before and after implementing this solution.


All the solutions we have shared with you are suggestions and there is no guaranty that they would work for you but we would like to inform you that these have worked for thousands of people around the globe. We have done extensive research and only noted the best kinds of techniques to share with you. It is important to try all of the solutions before thinking of taking any professional help as it would cost you a lot.

You don’t want to waste your money when it is possible to solve the problem yourself at home. Let us know about the results of implementing all of these techniques so we could improve this blog in the future. If you have any additional information about similar solutions you can share it with us for the benefit of the people. You may also read our tips on how to soundproof home office.