How to Soundproof for a Party?

When you are throwing a party for your family or your loved ones you have to keep in mind that it could get loud. The people living around your house may get disturbed and create an issue for you. You need to be really careful and try to tone down the music volume. In case, you need any additional help we are going to point out some of the ways in which you can cater to this issue. Let’s start with the simpler solutions and move towards some permanent ones so that whenever you are enjoying your home your neighbors don’t get disturbed in any manner. You may also check our article on how to soundproof a garage.

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Insulating the Windows

insulating windows

The windows can leak the sound whenever it hits them and you have to deal with them first in an ideal scenario. Any window in a building structure has some visible gaps in it and these gaps may seem small but they can create quite an issue for you. The sound can escape through these gaps and that you create a lot of noise for your neighbors to notice and complain. You can close these gaps with the help of weatherstripping tape. Even if you have closed the windows properly the gaps could create a problem and you can also cover the whole window in order to solve this problem.

The more layers you can create the less sound will pass through them. This would be helpful for you as you can hang soundproofing curtains against the windows. These curtains are easily available everywhere and really useful in blocking the sound from getting out of the area. There is no need for any professional help as you can hang them yourself. It is an inexpensive solution and it would just require a few minutes so you can take them off once the party is over. It would be great if you can add an additional number of curtains instead of just one and decorate them with hang decorating lights on them to add to the aesthetics of the party.

Use Solid Doors and Enclose the Gaps

If you are a party animal you can replace the doors in your house with solid doors if you are using non-hollow doors. Additionally, you also have to enclose the gaps in the doors and these are also quite negligible so you have to take a closer look. The same tape you have used for the windows can be used for the doors as well. The tape we have mentioned can absorb sound effectively and is extremely affordable.

You also have to take care of the gap between the door and floor. You can utilize the door guards that are made for this purpose. These guards can stop any kind of sound from getting out of the house through the gap and they don’t affect the movement of the door as well. These guards can also be helpful in maintaining the temperature of the room as they won’t let the cool or hot air escape the room.

Get Bass Traps

acoustic foam absorber and bass traps

The bass traps are extremely effective sound-absorbing materials and they would enhance the beauty of the party as well. You just have to buy them from the market as creating bass traps at home is a really complicated process. You don’t need any help from the outside to install them in a room. You can just place them on the corners of the room or beside the wall and they would start absorbing the sound of the loud music instantly. The best part about this product is that is not expensive at all and you can get them in various colors so you don’t have to disturb the overall look of the room.

Rugs and Carpets Can be Effective

rugs & carpet

If you can afford it you also need to buy rugs and carpets for the room because these would create a lot of difference. Make sure that any rug or carpet you are buying is dense and thick. The foot-thumping noise and people dancing on the floor could also disturb your neighbors. It is no an issue when two people are dancing but multiplies the number and imagine the impact. Although handling carpets and rugs after a party can be an issue but you can ask the people participating to be careful and not dirty them. Hopefully, they would be careful and you won’t have to get them washed quite frequently.

Insulate the Walls with Sound-Absorbing Wallpapers


This may be an expensive solution but if you want to get rid of this problem in the long run you need to insulate the walls. The insulation may need you to play with the structure of the room a bit but it is worth it. If you don’t want to change the structure you can just use soundproofing sheets and glue them to the wall.

Nowadays, there is a trend of using wallpapers on the walls and you can buy sound-absorbing wallpapers. This would create added thickness in the walls and it would be difficult for the sound to escape the area. You can also cover the walls from the outside with the help of the sheets. Remember, you need to create more and more layers of protection so most of the sound is absorbed and doesn’t reach your neighbors or the surroundings.

Final Words

In the end, we would like to reiterate that all of our suggestions are based on our experiences and what we have learnt through our research. It may be possible that not all the solutions work for you but some of them definitely will and you just need to try all of them before making any decision that would cost you a lot of money. We would like you to tell us about your experience because it would further help us in creating more useful content for you. We would be waiting for your response in the comment section so we are able to see the impact of our blog in a practical manner. You may also soundproof your balcony by following our tips.