How to soundproof a home office?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the whole world and a number of countries are still under strict lockdown. There are a number of people who are working from home these days because it is too dangerous to sit in close proximity to anyone else in an office right now. This is why you need a proper working space at your home. A proper working space makes it easier for you to work and keep up the productivity. If you are being constantly disturbed and are distracted easily your professional life would become extremely difficult because the pandemic is far from over at the moment.

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You will have to spend most of your time at home this year as well. Apart from managing to create a beautiful office, it is vital that the workspace. You don’t want any kind of noise in your workspace. If you would be able to work in a peaceful manner it adds up to productivity and better results. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which you can soundproof a home office.

Choose a Solid Door

solid office door

First of all, you need to understand that any kind of gap or space can become a factor in the amplification of the sound. Once any sound waves enter your room they can cause a disturbance so you need to block their way in the first place. We understand that hollow-core doors are trending these days. Not only they are stylish but affordable. On the other hand, solid doors are quite expensive but they get the work done. So you have to make an intelligent choice here in order to be able to work in a peaceful environment without any kind of noise.

A Door Guard

Whenever you see a door you will realize that there is a small gap present between the door and the floor. This is necessary to keep the door moving back and forth properly but this small gap can also become a hurdle in your way if you want a quiet environment around you. Imagine, you are working on an extremely important project that requires a lot of focus and suddenly you start hearing noise from the other room.

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This situation would definitely disturb you and it would be really difficult for you to concentrate properly. The solution to this problem is installing door guards with your room’s door. The gap would be blocked and there wouldn’t be any problem with the door movement as well. These guards are created specifically for this purpose and additionally they also help your room to stay cool or hot according to your room temperature settings without letting the air pass through.

Fix the Holes in the Wall

wall holes

Usually, a well-built wall won’t have any kind of holes or gaps but sometimes when the structure gets old you could see such gaps appearing in your surroundings. You need to eradicate these holes and cover them with soundproofing material. If there are any ducts or vent openings in the room you need to fill them with padding material as well. It is all about closing any kind of opening that would let the external sound enter the room or your workspace.

Soundproofing Panels are a Great Solution

You may have heard of soundproofing panels or acoustic panels. When the walls are not covered properly they become an echo chamber and the sound is amplified. You can cover each one of the walls in the concerned area with these panels. They are extremely inexpensive and easily available in the market. You can use glue to put them onto the walls and they would start absorbing sound immediately. The impact would be noticeable within a few hours after installation.

Install Additional Help for the Ceiling


If you are working in a building and living on the ground floor or the basement you have to be really careful about the ceiling. The noise coming from upstairs could only be reduced if you strengthen the ceiling. There are a number of ways to do it including insulation. The insulation would create an added layer of material for the sound to cross which would be really helpful in this situation. If adding one layer of protection doesn’t help you can add multiple layers as well. In addition, there is an option to install a drop ceiling.

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This kind of ceiling is hung beneath the actual ceiling and it contains soundproofing material. Additionally, there is a layer of hot air pressure present between the actual structure and the drop ceiling. It is easier for the sound waves to travel through solid materials but in this situation, they will also have to travel through another layer of pressured air that would make it difficult for sound to make a strong impact and disturb your work.

Purchase a Noise Machine

If all the above-mentioned suggestions don’t work properly you need to go for an advanced solution. You would be surprised to find out that there is a particular machine for canceling out the noise and it is known as a “noise machine”. It works on the technique in which you fight noise with soothing sounds. The machine keeps on playing sounds of rain or flowing water and it cancels out any kind of noise coming inside the workspace. Not only you feel good while working but you are able to take your mind away from the noise issue.


There is no perfect solution for these kinds of problems and the only chance you have is to try various techniques and one of them would work for you. We have tried to explain a number of methods and we are hopeful you would be able to find a permanent solution in one of them. Once you have found which solution is working for you there is no need of trying any other options at all. Just stay positive and go from one solution to another till you find out the best one according to your circumstances. We hope that this list would assist in making your life better. Check our tips on how to reduce noise for downstair neighbors.