How to Quiet the PS4 Fan?

Enjoying PS4 is one of the best leisure time activities and if the machine is making noises it could get really annoying. When you are facing such a problem you may have to fix a problem with your console. Whenever you feel like your PS4 is making noises you need to look for the possible issues and try to solve it as quickly as possible because your console may be at risk.

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There are different ways to find out the reason behind the noise and you can fix it in simple ways. You may have to open up your PS4 or even solve the issues without opening it up depending upon the issue. We will cover these solutions in this piece explaining every solution in detail so you can resolve the noise.

Give It a Rest

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Oftentimes you just overuse the PS4 and it starts making weird noises. Mostly this is just a one time occurrence and it can be resolved by just giving it a rest. Turn it off, let it cool down for a bit, and it will start working as soon as you turn it on again. It can get overheated as well so you have to be careful especially if you are playing a high-graphics game.

Try this solution before turning your console upside down because sometimes the simplest of things get the work down. Turn it back on after a while. Watch the power indicator closely and if it is turning red that means that the system is hot. If you just turn it off for a while you can eliminate quite a lot of malfunctions with the PS4 without replacing or fixing any part of it.

Making the Ventilation Better

When you are using the console make sure that the vents are not blocked from any side. These vents are located at the rear part and sides of your machine. The rear ones are used for sending the hot air out and the ones at the sides are used for air intake. When both kinds of vents are open and not obstructed they allow the cool air in and let the hot air out to keep the console from overheating.

One of the common mistakes you may be doing is placing the console inside a cabinet. This solution may protect the PS4 from getting knocked over but it would overheat the console. The danger increases if you are placing it at such a place while you are using it. Don’t put anything like bags or clothes near the console when you are using it because it can block the ventilation.

Try not to block the ventilation in any way if you want to keep enjoying the best performance of your PS4. If there is any kind of blockage the fan will have to do the extra work to cool off the heat and it could make the annoying noise that is the issue in the first place. If the problem persists there would be a serious threat to your machine.

Choose a Cool Environment to Play

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Now you would have realized that the console is already producing heat so you should choose a cool surrounding for using it. Don’t use the machine in high temperature as it could cause loud noises and overheating. You can use a cooling stand that is often used for laptops if you are unable to retain the temperature of the surrounding.

You can choose a high-quality cooling stand for this situation as they are easily available online. It would be best if you use a stand that is designed specially for the consoles. It would help you reduce the noise to a negligible level and would also take the overheating issue off the table.

Thorough Cleaning of the Console

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If you have been using the PS4 for quite a while you may have to face the dirt and dust issue within the machine. It may look clean from the outside but you have to look closer and you can take advantage of the compressed air. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust from the console helping it to perform better.

Just make sure that you are using a small to medium sized vacuum cleaner instead of the full-size one. The full-size one would be too dangerous for your console as it can cause a lot of damage due to its power. It is great that you are removing all the dust but you don’t want to risk damaging any of the parts during the process. You can also use a piece of cloth to clean your machine and it all depends on how much dust you have to deal with in the first place. Once you have cleaned it you would not have to deal with the noise anymore.

To start the cleaning process you have to place it on a flat surface and switch it off. Pull the AC power cord out of the source. Remove the side cover and use a hoover extension instead of a brush to clean the metal casing. Clean the machine with the compressed air or the vacuum along with the cooling fan. Clean all the USB ports and plug ports.

Now clean the exterior of the machine with the help of a cloth and keep a close eye on the crevices because they can also contain dust. Now plug it back and boot it to see whether it makes any noise or not.

Replace the Fan

If all the solutions explained above do not work for you it may be required to change the fan of the console. Although it would mean that your warranty claim wouldn’t be valid after replacing the fan. There is no need to do it yourself as it is quite a technical task and you need an expert for this task. Even if you have experience in repairing similar devices it would be better to take the PS4 to a repair shop as an unprofessional method could cause serious damage to your machine.

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