How to Quiet the Mouse Click?

Using a mouse can create a bit of noise that can be pretty annoying whenever you are clicking. When you are using a computer you need to use a mouse and there has to be a way to deal with the noise if you want to work in peace. The noise can also be pretty annoying for the people that are working around you. Most of us spend quite a hefty amount on a mouse so it is not a wise decision to just throw one away and buy another one. There has to be another solution for making it quieter and today we would share such a solution with you. This solution would help you save money and you would also be able to create a better mouse for yourself.

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It is something that wouldn’t take a lot of time and you would be able to mod the mouse yourself for making it quieter. Now there are a number of types of mice and all of them have different kinds of structure but you would see screws in all of them under the plastic pads or the battery part. This is where the magic happens and you would have to reach out to these screws if you want to mod your mouse so let’s start talking about the process from the beginning.

Technical Solution


First of all, get to these screws going under the plastic pad or the battery compartment. Look for the mouse switches inside and you would be able to see the complete structure of the mouse. Open up the switch by using a knife or any other similar material and twist it to unlatch the switch’s cover. You need to unlatch both the sides if you want to start the repairing process. There is a little white button inside the mouse that may be difficult to observe so you have to be really careful.

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Use the knife’s tip to push the tab downwards in order to decrease the gap between the contacts. Press the switch to observe the noise made by it and it would press the white button with it as well. Once, you have observed the noise you would be able to know how much of a problem it is and whether you want to remove it or not. If you decide to minimize the noise you will have to bend the tab down with the help of the tip.

It would not be difficult because the metal is malleable in almost every kind of mouse. Check the noise again by pressing the switch and you would observe a considerable difference between the noise before modding the switch. Put the cover back and start using the mouse again.

Use a High-Quality Mouse Pad

mouse pad

The process that we have explained above is a bit technical and there are simpler solutions to this problem as well. You can use a high-quality mouse pad that would dampen the noise and make the experience better for you. You can also add a cover to your mouse that would make it easier to click and as you won’t be using a lot of force there wouldn’t be a lot of noise produced during the process.

Replacing the Mouse

If the noise is not minimized even with the help of a cover you may have to replace your mouse. Try to purchase a high-quality gaming mouse because not only these are comfortable to use but they also make less noise upon clicking. You can also add a plastic pad inside the mouse that wouldn’t hinder the performance but would minimize the clicking noise. It is all about finding a solution that works for you and it may be different for everybody depending upon the type of mouse you are using and the quality of it.

Using a Better Work Table

work table

The table you are using also plays a role in increasing or decreasing the noise. Try to use a mousepad instead of using the mouse on a table. In this way, there wouldn’t be any vibrational effect that could cause weird noises.

You can also improve the experience by not using brute force while clicking because that may affect the performance of your computer. Usually, a good quality mouse does not produce a lot of noise. You wouldn’t have to use anything to minimize the noise because it would be bearable and you only have to face it while you are using it.

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Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Another solution to minimize the mouse click is by reducing the use of the mouse. There are different keyboard shortcuts for the click and you can use them instead. This would not only make the process better but would also remove the noise out of the way.

You would be able to enjoy a seamless working experience and there wouldn’t be any need to buy one mouse after another just to get the least amount of noise. This may sound as a difficult solution but it is a practical way used by a number of people around the world and you can easily find the keyboard shortcuts online.


There are a number of solutions to try in order to quiet the mouse click but if none of them work you may have to buy a new mouse. It all depends upon your personal preference and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have tried to note down all the possible solutions in this piece and one of them would work for you. You just have to be patient and you will definitely be able to solve the problem after a while.

All it takes is a bit of effort and a bit of technical knowledge. We won’t recommend taking help from a professional because the amount you will have to pay would be more than the price of a good quality mouse that wouldn’t create a lot of noise. Once you have found the correct option for your system you can continue using it and you won’t have to face such noise that would hinder your daily activities in a harmful manner. Read also here on how to quiet your ps4 fan.