How to Quiet a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are pretty loud because of their working mechanism. The reason behind it is the action of each switch necessary for its working. The plastic sliders beneath the keys are depressed down on a spring that closes an electric circuit and makes the input for the computer.

This is why it is louder as compared to the other keyboard mechanisms that use a rubber sheet to cover the switches minimizing the noise. Today, we will talk about different solutions for this problem making your mechanical keyboard quieter.

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Use O-rings or Foam Pads

keys foam pad

You can use O-rings that are made of silicone that can be placed around the root of the key to stop the noise of the keyboard plate. This would considerably reduce the noise of the key when you press and you would be able to work in peace.

You can also use foam pads designed for canceling out the noise and you can easily install them in your keyboard. These are quite inexpensive solutions and you won’t have to buy a new mechanical keyboard. Just make sure that you are getting the right type of plastic foam. You would have to search online or you can visit a computer repair shop to get the right piece.

Use a  Desk Mat

You can use a desk mat beneath the keyboard as it is one of best ways to cancel out the noise. The desk mat would stop the amplification of the sound whenever you press any key and it would also dampen the vibrations.

Find a good option and you would be able to pretty much solve this problem at once.

Most of the mats have a rubber bottom and a cloth on the top. These mats would cover the table you have placed your keyboard on and even your mouse so you won’t need an extra mouse pad.

mechanical keyboard

Mod Your Stabilizers

Most of the time the larger keys make most of the noise. The stabilizers are the component that balances these keys and you will have to mod them if you want to get rid of the noise.

It would involve a process that takes three steps and you will have to use a clip, band-aid, and will have to lube the stabilizers.

You will have to apply a band-aid to the area where the stabilizer strikes the PCB and it would dampen the keystroke. You can also clip the bottom of the stabilizer to give it a flatter surface. Now the stabilizer will be stable and it will also cancel out the rattling noise.

To decrease the noise of the keystroke the lubrication is a proven way because during the movement there is a friction that increases the sound output and the lubricant will reduce the friction canceling out the keyboard noise as a result.
You don’t need any technical assistance during this process at all.

Lubricate the Switches

keyboard switches

Lubricating your switches is another solution just like modding the stabilizers and it would reduce the noise making your keyboard quieter. It would also make the usage experience better and it is known as the best way to get the job done.

You may have to spend quite a bit of time performing this task but it is definitely worth it for a better experience. Whenever you strike a key the spring and bottom of the switch rub against each other creating friction. The friction results in vibration and noise. When you use a lubricant it would minimize the friction and make the whole operation nearly silent.

You will have to remove the switches from the keyboard and open them before lubricating them. Once you have opened the switches and lubricated each one of them you will have to put them back and reinstall each one of them.

Be aware not to put too much lubricant all over the keys of your keyboard. The best is to have some tissue near you in case you would need it.

Replace the Switches

quiet keyboard

If you are using a keyboard with loud switches you may need to replace them with the quieter ones to remove the noise completely. It is a bit expensive but it would get the job done and you can work in peace. You can easily find online full key sets for keyboards. The best is to get the official and original keycaps, even the Cherry brand.

If you are using the clicky switches you would have to replace them in order to get rid of the problem.

Basically, there are 3 different types of switches which are as follows:-

Clicky: Whenever you press the key you will hear a loud noise.
Tactile: Whenever you press the key you will hear a moderate noise.
Linear: There is almost no noise whenever you press the key.

You can also find quiet switches in the market that have a rubber padding at the bottom of the switch as it would minimize the noise whenever you strike the key and it is ideal for a quieter working environment.
These kinds of switches are a bit rubbery that could be an issue but you would be able to get rid of the noise altogether.

Choosing a linear or a tactile switch over a clicky switch would be ideal for this situation as it would reduce the noise and you may need to take professional help to get this done.

We would recommend that you don’t try doing it yourself because there could be possible damage to your keyboard.


Overall, we have discussed all the possible solutions to quiet a mechanical keyboard and you should try them all before replacing the whole thing.

Moreover, the mechanical keyboards are popular because of their feel and working mechanism and minimizing the noise is better than trying any other solution. All you need is a bit of time to try out all the solutions and one of them would work out for you.

Once you have found the solution you would be able to work in a better way away from the distraction of the noise from your mechanical keyboard. It is important that you are feeling comfortable during your work so spending a bit of money is also worth it.

You just have to decide a method that would be most suitable according to your working environment and budget as it would contribute towards better results in the future.
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