How to Quiet Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are really soothing especially if you hang them at your door (read our article on how to quiet a sliding glass door) front or in your garden. You can relax around them and the soothing sound would freshen your mood. It is one of the products that bring back the memories of good times because they are one of the products that have aged well with time. On the other hand, they can be pretty annoying too if they are too loud.

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A number of neighbors complain about the wind chimes and how they affect their solitude. You may have read a number of news articles about such complaints. It is important that the people around you don’t have any issue with your home decor and it shouldn’t affect them.

It is important because in some ways they would be affected by your decision. You have to be really careful about it because it could get you in trouble if you are not careful enough.

At night when the wind blows these wind chimes can create a lot of noise. We have come up with a list of tips to get to know how to quiet wind chimes. This list contains tips that have been used by people over the years so you will benefit from this piece if you read it till the end.

Purchasing the Right Wind Chimes

gold colored wind chimes

There are hundreds of different types of wind chimes available and it is an important choice to make. You have to look for something that is soothing but isn’t too loud.

You can choose wooden wind chimes instead of metallic ones. The wooden ones don’t make a lot of sounds and it wouldn’t be considered noise even at its highest.

You don’t want to get disturbed but you want to enjoy it so instead of buying a big product you can buy smaller items and hang them at different places in your house.

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Choosing An Appropriate Place

It is vital to choose a perfect place for this particular product. If you are hanging them in your back garden or inside the house it would be pretty soothing for you and wouldn’t be a problem for the neighbors.

There are a number of people who even reported their neighbors for annoying noise created due to this particular item. You don’t want to get in trouble so choose a place where there isn’t heavy wind flow. Choosing an alley would not be a good decision.

Hang them somewhere close to you but not too close to the neighbors. The front door can be a good idea so when people enter your house they can hear the soothing sound. In this way, not only you but your guest would also be amused by your home decoration skills.

Cover Them At Night

You can get custom-made covers for the wind chimes online or from the market. There are a number of manufacturers making these covers. Different kinds of material are used so you can choose something that is in your budget and suits your home decor.

It is all about caring for yourself and for others as well. You don’t need to disturb your sleep at night. You can hang the covers along with the wind chimes and just cover them properly before going to sleep. It is a wise decision and once they are covered they won’t create a lot of noise even if a strong wind is blowing.

Make sure that there is not a lot of wind where you have hanged them as discussed in the previous paragraph. Just keep in mind that it may seem a small decision but it would impact your household and your neighbors.

Tie Them Together In Case of Strong Wind

wind chimes

Some days there is a strong wind blowing that really makes the wind chimes create a lot of sound. This type of sound can be categorized as noise so you can just take a string and tie them together. In this way, they won’t move and collide with one another to create the sound. Even the tiniest of the wind chimes can make quite a sound so you have to be really careful about them.

Keep them Away From Closed Spaces

When you hang wind chimes inside the compact spaces the sound multiplies because the walls reflect the sound. It is better to hang them in the open so the sound can travel.

It would be soothing for you and the people nearby can also enjoy it as it would not be annoying for them. On the other hand, if you hang them inside the rooms and you turn on the fan you may suffer from the annoying noise.

You don’t want to ruin your peace after spending a decent amount of money on this product. This is why this is an important decision you have to make before even buying them.

Keep Them At a Distance

If you are hanging multiple wind chimes at the same place make sure that you are not hanging them all together. If you do so, they would keep colliding amongst themselves and disturb you. Multiple wind chimes have their own unique sound and you want to enjoy different sounds.

It would not be a good decision to spend a lot of money and still get annoyed by the result. The decision is yours to make and you have to make it right the first time. It is definitely not an easy decision but you have to keep all the factors in your mind. Read also our guide on how to fix a noisy window air conditioner.