How to Quiet a Sliding Glass Door?

Is there an issue with your sliding glass door? Does it make a noise or it opens up slowly? This is a common issue with such doors but you don’t need to be concerned about it. It is extremely easy to fix and today we would be sharing with you different tips that would help make your life easier. So let’s get on the tips:-

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Taking Care of the Tracks

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When you look at different glassdoors you will notice that all of them come with a unique type of guiding tracks. The tracks have a purpose and that is to make sure that you can smoothly use the door. Dirt can be a factor that would hinder the door’s proper functioning if you are not cleaning the tracks regularly. In this case, you would notice certain squeaky noise coming from the door whenever you are using it.

You don’t need an expensive solution for resolving this issue at all. You can clean them with a piece of cloth or use a vacuum cleaner because the tracks can be cleaned easily. It is easier to solve the problem when it’s in the starting phase because if you are unable to do so it would lead to bigger problems that won’t be solved without replacing the door completely.

Use Proper Lubrication

It is important to keep any kind of door lubricated if you need it in a premium working condition. Often we ignore this fact and that results in the door making awful noises whenever you use it. You can use any silicone-based lubricant if you have such a problem and it is not being resolved by just cleaning the dirt from the tracks. Just select any normal lubricant from the market and apply it properly.


Many people think that glass doors don’t need such a treatment because only metallic doors need to be oiled or lubricated to work properly which is quite untrue. There are various moving parts inside a door and they all need to work properly if you don’t want to be disturbed by any kind of squeaky noise. It is all about paying attention to detail when you are trying to fix the noise problem generated by constant usage.

Adjusting the Alignment

It may be required to align the door after a while because the constant usage can throw it off at times. You can easily take the frame off the door and reinsert it to make it work better. First of all, make sure that the rollers at the top are aligned better, and afterward, you have to get the bottom of the door in place by pushing the top of the door into the track. It may be required to rotate the adjustment screws for better movement when you are aligning the door and once you get it into the right place just re-adjust the screws.

The Issue of Broken Latches

door latches

Broken latches are another reason your sliding glass door may be making noises. To fix this problem you can start with oiling the latches. If the oiling doesn’t solve the problem you will have to replace the latches altogether. You will have to remove the lock carefully and get it to a hardware store to purchase a replacement.

After purchasing a new lock you will have to follow the instructions that come with the lock to install it properly. Now use the key and turn the lever to see whether it fits your door properly or not. This will resolve the issue of the broken latches.

Busted Screens

If the glass door is not used delicately you may have to face the issue of torn screens. Although you have to replace the screens as there is no other solution for it, it is better that you hire a professional to get the job done.

Broken Seal

A broken or bad seal can also create loud noises whenever you are using a glass door. You can start with loosening the staples with the help of a screwdriver and pull them away from the door. Look for any additional staples and remove them as well. The next step is to get new weatherstripping and install it according to the instructions.

Make sure that you are placing the flap properly. Utilize the screws to secure the flange alongside the door’s edge. Use strong glue to jamb-side strip in place properly and clean the door.


We have tried to cover all the issues that can be behind the sliding glass door making noises. If you are unable to solve the problem with all the tips mentioned above you may have to replace the whole door. Make sure that you take a professional opinion before buying a new door as there may be a small issue that can be used inexpensively. Hopefully, this piece of content would help you solve the issue and we would love to hear your opinion about it. Check also our tips on how to quiet squeaky stairs.