How to Quiet a Rhino

You can quiet a rhino using several different methods. For example, you can try installing a sound deadening mat underneath the engine cover. Or you can buy an Alba system and install it yourself. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll likely find some reduction in noise. Listed below are a few methods to help you quiet your rhino. You can also purchase a Silent Rider to reduce noise at idle and full speed.

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The Silent Rider

If you’re wondering how to quiet a rhino, it’s best to know that there are many ways to do it. Luckily, many people have come up with creative solutions to the problem. Listed below are some of them. The Silent Rider is compatible with Yamaha Rhino models 450 06 09 and 660 04 07, as well as many other models. The Silent Rider is available from, a legitimate site that operates in 164 countries worldwide. Customers have given the Silent Rider ATV BT 5 A great reviews, and the site is secured through HTTPS.

The Silent Rider works to quiet the rhino at both full speed and idle. Since most noise comes from the exhaust and engine, the Silent Rider changes the popping noise into a rumble. Most Rhino owners have found this to be a great option and have installed sound deadening mats underneath the engine cover. The Silent Rider is easy to install and remove, and it will not reduce the power of your vehicle.


When it comes to making your Yamaha Rhino quieter, there are several options available. The most straightforward way is to install ear plugs or ear muffs. You can also use noise-cancelling headphones. You should note that some people use other methods, such as putting sound deadening mats under the seat. Other owners have even tried using rockwool panels under the seat. You should also keep in mind that louder exhaust systems can affect the performance of the bike.

A Yamaha Rhino is capable of running between 50 and 52mph, depending on the model. While you should never attempt to speed past this limit, there are many modifications that can increase the power and speed. You should always check your manufacturer’s manual to determine what you can do to make your motorcycle quieter. If you don’t have a motorcycle’s engine, you can also install a quieter exhaust tip. A louder exhaust tip can cause the engine to run rougher and more loudly.

Flowmaster Hushpower Muffler

Using the Flowmaster Hushpower Muffler on a rhino can be a great way to lower the noise level of your bike. While the rhino’s factory exhaust is quite noisy, the muffler can make it more manageable. This automotive exhaust system includes an Alba head pipe and an integrated USFS-approved screen type spark arrestor. However, the muffler isn’t the only solution to quieting a rhino. Adding sound deadening mats under the engine cover is another solution.

Alba system

Yamaha’s Rhino has a notoriously noisy cabin, and the Alba system to quiet a rhino can help. The system features a Flowmaster Hushpower Muffler and Alba head pipes, as well as a Forestry-approved spark arrestor. Despite the loudness of the system, the resulting noise is only 94 decibels, which is well below the government’s target for noise pollution. Some Rhino owners also place sound deadening mats underneath the engine cover.