How to Quiet a RZR 800

If you want to make your RZR as quiet as possible, you should invest in a sound deadening system. You can use it under the floor, on the center console, or even on the entire tub. However, there are some things you should know before applying the sound deadening material. Some of these products are designed for metal surfaces, so if your RZR is plastic, it is a good idea to prepare it with alcohol or heat it up with a blowtorch.

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SLP Super Silent Exhaust

If you’re looking for an improved performance from your Polaris RZR 800, then you might want to consider upgrading to an SLP Super Silent Exhaust. These exhausts offer a 41% increase in airflow and 5dB of noise reduction compared to the stock system. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of not disturbing others while riding. You can choose from two different models, depending on your personal preferences.

To install the SLP Super Silent Muffler, first remove the stock tailpipe. Then, unscrew the rear bed screws with a T25 Torx wrench. Then, unscrew the four Phillips head screws on the underside of the rear bed. Remove the SLP Super Silent Muffler. Once it is off, install the bed pan in reverse order.

Barkers Dual Exhaust System

If you want to quiet down your Polaris RZR 800, consider getting a Barkers Dual Exhaust System. These performance exhausts will improve power and acceleration while giving you a deep barking sound. They are also easy to install. You can get them in red, blue, or black. Here’s a brief overview of the two exhaust types. You might decide to go with a full system or a slip-on system.

If you’re looking for a performance exhaust, Trinity Racing offers a Stage 5 system that mates dual aluminum mufflers to 304 stainless steel pipes. It has USFS-approved spark arrestors built in, and comes with a five-year warranty. Unlike other systems, Trinity’s exhaust is made specifically for your RZR model, so it will fit properly.

HMF Racing Super Silent Exhaust System

The HMF Racing Super Silent Exhaust Systems for the RZR 800 are an excellent choice for the performance enthusiast. The exhaust system is made from stainless steel and comes with an almost complete construction. It adds a deep, aggressive sound and increases performance by about 10-15 percent. HMF also offers two muffler models, the Titan XL and the base model, each with the same performance and build quality.

The exhausts are made in the USA. The HMF Racing Super Silent Exhaust System for RZR 800 comes with a full system that includes a new head pipe and silencer. Different models of the RZR 800 require slight variations in their exhaust design. But the HMF exhausts should fit any Polaris High Output 800. However, HMF does not recommend that RZR 800 riders modify their motorcycles before they install an exhaust system.

Barkers Midsize Quiet Exhaust System

If you’re looking to improve your performance, you might want to consider a Barkers midsize quiet exhaust system for your ATV. These exhaust systems are designed for racing competition, so you should know that they are not legal for street or non-racing off-road vehicles. Because they’re made for high-performance vehicles, they come with a limited one-year warranty.

This system has a number of benefits over the stock exhaust system. The single slip-on system is 5 decibels quieter than the stock one, while the dual full system adds between six and eight horsepower and 5-7 pound-feet of torque. The Twin Loop slip-on system connects two Titan-QS silencers in series for a deeper sound, and the performance series features a muffler with a spark arrestor to reduce noise. The dual full system weighs substantially less than the stock one.