How to Quiet a Can-Am Commander

When it comes to a Can-Am Commander, silence is key. Luckily, this four-seater has more than enough space for passengers, and its wheelbase is longer than the average vehicle. It also comes with large 220mm disc brakes and twin-piston calipers for superior stopping power. In addition, the stock seats are incredibly comfortable with ample legroom for both the driver and passenger. You’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of sound absorbing foam inside the cabin, making for a quiet ride.

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Silent Rider silencer

The Silent Rider exhaust silencer for Can Am Commanders has been proven to reduce noise by 60% without compromising performance. But before you go ahead and install one of these exhausts, you must first install a weld-on adapter. Because the exhaust pipe on a Commander leans towards the left tire, it is important to ensure that the adapter is pointed straight out from the quad. If it is not, you may have to cut the exhaust adapter to make it fit properly.

HMF Racing

If you’re wondering how to quiet a Can-Am Commander, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the amount of noise your UTV makes, exhaust kits and systems can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your UTV. Exhaust systems can also lower noise by as much as 5-7 decibels. For those who prefer a louder ride, there are also louder exhaust systems available as well.

If you want to increase the horsepower and torque of your Can-Am Commander, consider installing an HMF slip-on exhaust system. These systems feature USFS-approved spark arrestors and high-performance glass wool packing for increased torque and horsepower. The exhaust system is also TIG-welded for a watertight seal. It’s also made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring that no noise will leak into the exhaust system.

Empire Exhaust

If you want to make your Can Am Commander go faster, you should upgrade its exhaust system. Compared to the stock system, this product provides an impressive 3 to 4 HP wheel gain and a whopping 12 ft-lbs of torque. It also has spark arrestors and is legal to use in all 50 states. This exhaust system is made from 304 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, and is easy to install on stock mounting points. It only takes an hour to install with a few hand tools.

The Empire Exhaust on Can Am Commander 1000 is available in a slip-on design and offers a tremendous sound and weight savings over the stock system. While installing an aftermarket exhaust system on a Can Am, you should make sure you get a Dobeck Fuel controller. This device is important for ensuring that the air fuel ratio is correct. This is because Can Ams often run lean due to factory settings. Bom Racing has developed a solution for this by allowing you to modify the ECM with a DynoJet Power Vision 3 tool.

Trinity Racing

One of the most sought after Can-Am motorcycles is the Commander. With its aggressive power delivery and sporty handling, the Commander can reach top speeds of 70 mph and is a true legend. If you are wondering how to quiet the Can-Am Commander, keep reading. Listed below are some tips to make it run even quieter and more smoothly. And remember, even though the Commander’s top speed is high, it won’t matter unless you have great handling.

First, you can make the noise level lower with an exhaust system. Whether you want to ride quietly or with your earbuds on, you can find the right exhaust system to match your riding style. Most exhaust systems are a half-inch or less from the factory, and will reduce noise by five to seven decibels. If you want more noise, you can go for louder systems. Besides, you’ll also have more power when you’re riding.

Kolpin Powersports

If you’re interested in increasing the quietness of your Can Am Commander, Kolpin offers a custom rear windshield to suit the model’s specific needs. Featuring a custom bend for maximum strength and rigidity, this windshield will help minimize the amount of debris that enters your cab and give you a smoother ride. The rear windshield is easy to install and will eliminate the noise that makes your Can Am Commander difficult to hear when you ride.