How to Quiet a Rock Tumbler

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to quiet a rock tumbler, you’re not alone. Most rock tumblers are noisy, but you can buy one with a quiet motor and a soft rubber barrel. You can also choose a model that doesn’t vibrate as loudly. To find a quiet rock tumbler, start by looking at the motor and barrel materials. Soft rubber barrels and better motors will make a rock tumbler much quieter.

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Vibratory tumblers

A vibratory tumbler is one of the most popular tools for polishing rocks and gemstones. They work on both softer and harder materials. In addition to being quieter, tumblers are also faster and require less supervision. The upright design allows for easier inspection. In addition, tumblers use less consumables than rotary tumbling. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find that some types of tumblers produce better results than others.

Not all rock tumblers are equally quiet. You can find a rock tumbler with a soft rubber barrel to absorb some of the noise. A tumbler with a soft barrel makes a low 73 to 75 decibels (dB) at three feet, which is comparable to a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. If you want to find a quiet tumbler, you can spend a little more for a more expensive model, but most of them are quieter than they sound.

Plastic barrels

A good way to quiet rock tumblers is to replace the barrels. Plastic barrels are generally quieter than wooden or metal ones, but you may want to replace them sooner rather than later. Plastic barrels are durable, but they do have their drawbacks. The main one is the possibility that they can be damaged by being dropped or scraped. In such cases, the barrels may need to be replaced.

Another option is to buy a rock tumbler with plastic barrels. These are quieter than their metal counterparts, but you should make sure that they are durable and easy to return. If you’re looking for a rock tumbler for kids, you may want to buy a stainless steel barrel kit. The stainless steel barrels can withstand rough rocks, making them a great choice for young and old alike.


The best way to soundproof a rock tumbler is to place it in a sub-chamber within a larger box. It can be closed with a hinged lid. Insulate the box with carpet or rubber. If soundproofing a rock tumbler is your primary goal, you can use fiberglass insulation. If your soundproofing effort fails, try using carpet. You may also want to try insulating the rock tumbler itself.

Using a soft rubber barrel to contain the noise of the rocks will make it more silent. The noise of a rock tumbler with a soft rubber barrel is less than the noise made by a shaken carton of juice. A tumbler filled two-thirds of the way with rocks will be quieter than a carton of juice. This option is inexpensive and can be found in tumblers like the Lortone 3A and Thumler A-R1. Both of these models will make the noise-free rock-tumbling experience a comfortable one.

Plastic pellets

If you’re looking for a quieter way to tumble rocks, you can add plastic pellets to your rock tumbler barrel. These pellets not only improve the tumbling action, but they’ll also carry grit to hard-to-reach places. And because they’re so quiet, you’ll barely notice them in the tumbler. And that’s a good thing, because the quieter your rock tumbler is, the more rock you’ll be able to find!

The first step in grinding rocks is to fill the barrel about two-thirds to three-quarters full. You’ll want to load the barrel about two-thirds full with rocks, but don’t worry if you don’t have the correct amount. You can add extra plastic pellets if you don’t have enough rocks. The ratios for this stage are the same as the grit stage. And you need to leave the rock barrel for 24 hours to finish the process.