Why You Crying So Damn Loud

You may have been wondering why you’re crying so loud and have no idea why. This isn’t a very good sign. But don’t get discouraged! There are ways to make the situation better. Read on to learn more. Hopefully, you’ll find the information helpful.

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When you get stressed, the first thing you should do is ask yourself “what is causing me to feel this way?” Then, develop a plan to deal with your stress. Stress can have a number of detrimental effects on your health, including making physical symptoms worse. For example, it can increase your risk of heart disease.


While the level of loud crying varies from one infant to another, there is no universally accepted definition of loud crying. The levels of crying may be related to age and gender, and no research has been done to determine which level is normal. A blogger has described the different types of crying, and classified them as Pathetic-ness, Sympathy-Elicited, and Silent Tears.