Why Struts Make Noise

Having trouble with your struts? If you aren’t sure how to fix them, here are some of the main reasons why struts make noise. Read on to find out the causes and symptoms of bad strut mounts, how much it will cost to replace them, and whether or not you can do it yourself. If your strut mounts are causing noise, consider having them replaced.

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Symptoms of a bad strut mount

If you’re looking for the most obvious symptoms of a bad strut mount, then you’ve come to the right place. Strut mounts isolate the car’s chassis from noise, and if yours is worn, you might be hearing some subtle rattles and squeaks. Not only will you hear them when you’re driving, but your car’s suspension system will suffer from the extra wear and tear that bad strut mounts cause.

The strut mount is an important part of the suspension system, which absorbs the bounce of the vehicle as it goes over rough roads. If the mount breaks, driving with a weakened strut is uncomfortable for the driver and passengers, and can be dangerous in the event of an accident. If you’re unsure how to determine whether your strut mount is to blame, here are some symptoms to look for.

Causes of a bad strut mount

There are several common reasons your struts might be making noise. You can check the strut mounts yourself or take your car to a professional to change them for you. While you can use a spring compressor to reduce the cost of labor, you may be better off hiring a professional. This is because the strut is under considerable pressure and could fly out if you try to release it too quickly.

When the strut mounts are causing excessive play, it is time to replace them. In order to determine if the mount is to blame, open the hood and feel the mounts. When you press on the car, you may notice a “boink” noise. This is indicative of a bad strut mount and may be a sign of a faulty one.

Cost to replace a strut mount

How much does it cost to replace a strut mount? The answer varies widely between vehicles and garages, but it generally falls in the $70 to $150 range. The price will include both labor and parts. To find the best deal, discuss your options with a service professional. In addition, if you’re planning on replacing your struts and/or strut mounts, consider the cost of alignment.

When it comes to replacing a strut mount, it is best to do so in pairs, so that the weight distribution between the front and rear axles is even. This ensures equal height and responsive handling. The life of a strut mount depends on several factors, including driving style. Heavy use and off-road driving shortens their lifespan. Performing the repair as soon as possible is a good idea.

Whether you can replace struts on your own

If you’re a do-it-yourself mechanic, replacing struts on your own is definitely doable. Struts come as individual parts or complete assemblies. You’ll need a spring compressor to replace the springs when they’re separate from the strut, which can be a dangerous task for a beginner. It’s also cheaper to purchase a quick-strut assembly that includes all of the required parts and will be ready for installation in no time.

There are many symptoms to watch for a failed strut. If your car makes a clunking noise when you hit bumps, it may be the strut. It also might look wet, which is a sign of a faulty strut. If you suspect a strut problem, take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. A mechanic will check the condition of the upper strut mount.