Why So Loud Concerts?

If you have ever attended a concert, you know how loud they can be. But did you know that you can damage your hearing from the loud volume? Musicians get paid to play loud concerts so that the audience cannot drown out the music. This is a dangerous practice, and it can result in severe hearing damage.

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Musicians are paid to make the music so loud that they can’t be drowned out

A sound guy should not drown out the music. Rather, they should ensure that the music is loud enough that people who see the performer don’t drown it out. For example, the Grateful Dead used subwoofers to make entire houses shake. This is because the subwoofers need attention and validation.

While the major record labels are reaping huge profits, they haven’t distributed enough of that money to artists. Their business model tends to reward stars with more money and has made it nearly impossible for non-star musicians to earn a living wage.

Musicians are paid to make the music so loud that they can’t be heard by the audience

Despite the fact that the Grammy Awards are the most-watched awards show in the world, music fans are not the only ones affected by the lack of volume. In fact, more people are tuning in to live video game streams, like Fortnite. Twitch alone has over thirty million daily users, and the number of viewers is constantly increasing.

The music streaming industry has become a major cash cow for major record labels, but they haven’t shared enough of that profit with musicians. Major platforms are rewarded too much for their big stars, so it’s hard for non-star artists to make a living.