Why Rock Music Is So Loud

If you have ever wondered why rock music is so loud, you’re not alone. It’s the combination of different factors that contributes to the volume of the music. These factors include musical instruments, the sound of cities, and even transients and teenagers. Let’s look at these factors one by one.

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Musical instruments

Many music fans wonder why rock music is so loud. The answer is not as simple as turning up the volume. The human ear is sensitive to sound, and it can reach a threshold of a hundred decibels. The sound levels for a classical concert are maintained within that limit; rock concerts, on the other hand, are performed in large halls with poor acoustics.

Sound of cities

The sound of a city can be very disturbing to the inhabitants, but there are ways to mitigate its impact on the ecosystem. For example, a city’s acoustics may be influenced by the presence of ladybugs. They reduce the number of aphids that attack plants, while ensuring that plant growth is not affected. Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, scientists have discovered that a city’s sound may interfere with the ability of some organisms to function properly.


As rock music grows louder, audio engineers are warning that it is causing damage to our ears. Record companies are using digital technology to crank up sound levels on CDs. This artificially increases the volume of the recording to compete with background noise, making it more uncomfortable to listen to. Britain’s leading studio engineers are leading a campaign to end this widespread practice.

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Teenage audiences

In the late ’60s, the rock sound was a revelation for teenage audiences. This was due in large part to the media that dominated teenagers’ lives. Movies and television showed teenage heartthrobs and their rock groups. The rock sensibility of these artists was a welcome change from the demureness that the popular culture demanded of young people.

Jimi Hendrix

If you like rock music, you will appreciate Jimi Hendrix’s rock and roll music. He’s been hailed as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. However, before his success, Hendrix was practically unknown to most of the United States. He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1942, and left home at the age of 17 to join the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. He was eventually a rhythm and blues sideman with the Animals. In 1966, a band leader named Chas Chandler brought him to England. There, he performed for 40 minutes, playing with his teeth.

Electric guitars

The loudness of electric guitars in rock music varies according to genre. They are generally louder than acoustic guitars. But some guitars are extremely loud. Electric guitars are often used in hard rock and metal bands.

Led Zeppelin

When it comes to rock music, nothing can compare to the intensity of a Led Zeppelin concert. Their performances were so loud, a Canadian music critic referred to them as a “sound earthquake” in 1969. In fact, they exceeded 130 decibels at one of their North American tours. That level is equivalent to being squeezed by a hydraulic press and could cause permanent hearing damage.

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Deep Purple

Deep Purple has a history of experimentation and innovation, but their sound is somewhat conservative. While the band has dabbled in progressive rock and flower power, they have never become the hippest band. Instead, they’ve stuck with their trademark headbanging riffing and stunning solos. Fans have praised their music for their uncomplicated, yet incredibly loud sound, while haters have derided their lack of originality.