Why Is There a Japan Version of Loud?

You may be wondering why there’s a Japanese version of Loud. It’s an album with a highly explicit content, and so it’s accompanied by a Parental Advisory label. The Japanese version includes two remixes of “Only Girl (In the World)” – one of which is exclusive to iTunes. The Japanese edition also includes a piano version of the song “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)”.

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Bonus tracks

When it comes to music, there are many differences between Japanese and Western versions of an album. One of the most noticeable differences is that the Japanese versions often have different bonus tracks. Western releases often feature outtakes, remixes, and alternative edits. Bonus tracks are common on “deluxe” and “anniversary” editions of a foreign album. Some albums may also include exclusive bonus tracks.

The release date of the album may be another reason for the differences. The US version is usually released much earlier than its Japanese counterpart, allowing listeners to hear the main album songs before Japanese listeners. A late release often has a bonus track added to it as an incentive for fans to wait. A deluxe edition of an album is also released much later than its domestic counterpart.

Many artists release additional Japanese editions that feature extra bonus content. Daft Punk and Coldplay have both made extra versions of their albums for the Japanese market. The extra content is designed to encourage Japanese buyers to buy the domestic version over the international version.


Unlike other countries, Japan does not encourage loud noises. However, if you do decide to make some noise, be aware of the neighbors’ reaction. Many Japanese are incredibly studious and do not like to be disturbed. To avoid disturbing them, try to avoid making loud noises during the day.

The country has seen deflation for years, but the recent rise in costs is causing Japanese companies to pass on the increased costs to consumers. Abe’s economic stimulus policies and a labour shortage have allowed companies to raise their prices. Electronics manufacturers are now selling more expensive televisions. The railway has hiked luxury fares by 20%. Corporate sponsors of sumo bouts are also chipping in more prize money. Hokkaido resorts have also stopped discounting.

Sound quality

Adult Swim has released the Japan version of Loud. Curated by Toonami producer and editor Jonny Rej, this album features thirteen previously unreleased songs. Contributors to the album include Otoboke Beaver, BORIS, Melt Banana, Oddly, Futtachi, P-iPLE, and Tshimamire. According to Rej, the goal of the album was to bring a wider audience to the Japanese rock scene.

A Japan version of an album offers additional content, including live performances. Some artists like Beyonce add bonus content exclusively to the Japan release. This extra material is often difficult to find elsewhere. The 2021 Japan release from Trivium, for example, features two live tracks. Other artists such as Coldplay also release an additional version of their albums in Japan.

Commercial success

The commercial success of loud in Japan has been attributed in part to the popularity of Michael Jackson. The pop singer’s album Thriller sold more than one million copies in Japan, and his style has been credited for popularizing Japanese dance music. As a result, many Japanese musicians have adopted Michael Jackson’s style, including the Avex Group.