Why is the Person Above Me So Loud? – How to Deal With a Loud Co-Worker

If you’re wondering, “Why is the person above me so loud?”, you’re not alone. Many people have this same question and have come up with solutions to their problem. Here are some tips. Keep your interactions with this person calm and explain your side of the problem. This will make your situation a lot easier for both of you.

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How to deal with loud person

Dealing with a loud co-worker is not always easy. After all, your customers come and go, but your co-worker remains. But there are some things you can do to get a loud person to quiet down and leave your work area. Here are some tips. Ignoring the loud person will make him/her less vocal.

Make them understand that you’re not trying to confront them. Try to introduce yourself, and be polite and calm when speaking to them. If the loud person has young children, mention this. You don’t want to wake up a sleepy child. Also, stay cool and a smile can work wonders. Often, the person won’t even realize that they’re making a noise.

You should also try to understand that the loud person might be doing it because they care about you. Their loud voice may be annoying, but it’s probably their genuine desire to hear what you have to say. Don’t let that put you off, though. Try to find other ways to communicate with this person.

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