Why is My TCL TV So Loud? Causes and Solutions

Having trouble hearing the sound from your tcl television? Here are some possible causes and solutions to the problem. First, check your HDMI connection. If it’s loose, this can drastically reduce the volume of the TV. In some cases, the volume can even be disabled. To fix the issue, try plugging the HDMI cable into another HDMI port. This will let you determine if the port or cable is at fault. You can also check for any other external devices if they’re interfering with the sound of your TV.

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Problems with tcl tv volume

If you’re experiencing problems with your TCL TV’s volume, it’s a good idea to do some troubleshooting. Generally, a loose HDMI connection or a system malfunction can be the culprits. Generally, a simple reboot or check of the TV’s audio and volume settings can fix the problem.

Sometimes, the problem may be more complicated than just volume, but in most cases it’s a simple hardware problem. In some cases, the problem may be caused by a faulty HDMI cable or faulty wiring. If you can’t determine the cause of the problem, try using a soundbar to isolate the problem. If neither of those two solutions works, try disabling the TV speakers.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, try performing a factory reset. To do this, press the Play/Pause button three times. Wait about 60 seconds and then plug the TV back in. Make sure that the connection is tight so it gets stable power. After this step, your TV should have a working audio.

Another reason for problems with volume on your TCL TV might be that you’ve accidentally hit the mute button. The mute button on your TCL TV is located on the side of the remote, which makes it easy to accidentally hit. The Volume level on your TCL TV may be too low to hear the programs, so you’ll want to check the Volume levels and make sure they’re at the right level.

Possible causes

Your TCL television may be making a lot of noise. First, make sure that the sound comes from the navigation system, not from the audio system. You might also want to try placing the TV on a level surface. If you’re still hearing a lot of noise, it may be due to electrical current or an audio problem. Fortunately, some of these problems are easily fixed.

Another possible cause of loud TV volume is that you’ve connected an incorrect audio output device to the TV. Make sure the audio mode is set to “Auto” and the speaker mode is set to “Auto”. If this doesn’t work, you may need to have your TV repaired.

If you can’t isolate the culprit, check the volume controls on your TV. Sometimes, the TV has a software problem, which can result in excessively loud volumes. In these cases, you should try switching to another channel, or you can perform a power cycle.

If the noise continues to occur, contact the manufacturer of your TV to see if there are any available fixes. In some cases, you may need to replace the soundbar or home theater system. If all else fails, you can also update the resolution of your tv. The company will be able to help you if the issue is covered under warranty.


Loud TCL TV is a frustrating issue, but it can also be solved. The noise that emanates from these televisions can be caused by multiple factors, including electrical currents and external factors. If you can identify these problems, you can make some simple adjustments to keep your TCL TV from making noises. Other causes of a loud TCL TV include cracking, popping, and distortion of sound. In some cases, a malfunction with the television’s audio or software is responsible for the noise.

If you cannot figure out what’s causing the problem, you can start by checking your TV’s volume settings. If the volume is too low or too loud, try adjusting the volume using the Roku phone application. If this does not fix the problem, you can also try turning off the speakers or installing a soundbar.

Another possible cause for a loud TCL TV is poor cable connections. A cable connection might be causing the problem, but you can still try to adjust the volume manually. If your TCL Roku TV has a volume control button, you can press it to increase the volume.

A loose HDMI connection could be the problem. If you can’t figure out the problem on your own, you can also try resetting your TV’s volume and audio settings. Sometimes, simply restarting your television may solve the problem.