Why is My PlayStation 5 Loud When I Turn It On?

There are a few reasons why your PlayStation 5 may be loud when you turn it on. First, try a different stand or position. This may help to silence the sound. Another reason is coil noise, which is caused by the power source running to the coils in the GPU. The level of noise that these coils produce depends on the location of the coils and the care that the device receives.

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Quiet mode

Quiet mode is a cool feature that you can turn on for your PS5. Though you will still hear some noise from your gaming console, you will not notice it very often. The PS5 has a better level of quietness than its predecessor. However, if you play graphically intensive games, you will hear the coil whine a lot more.

To enable quiet mode, you will need to navigate to the dashboard and choose Settings. On the settings menu, look for the Sound section. Here, you will find options for the Microphone, Audio Output, and Volume.


A loud noise coming from your PlayStation 5 may be caused by dust accumulation. If you’re experiencing this problem, you should clean out the vents and open spaces in the device to eliminate dust and prevent it from clogging the system. Also, keep pets from lying too close to the PS5 to avoid clogging the vents. With these tips, you can prevent overheating and ensure years of play.

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The first thing you can do is check the vents around the PlayStation 5 to check whether they’re blocked. You can do this by removing any furniture or other obstructions that may be preventing air from circulating. Also, make sure that the PlayStation 5 is on a flat, hard surface with adequate ventilation. Keep your PlayStation 5 away from carpets as they can trap dust and increase heat, which can shorten the lifespan of your console.

Clogged air vents

The loud fan noise from your PlayStation 5 is normal and will not damage the system. However, if the machine’s system is running hot, the fans are required to run at higher speeds to avoid overheating. Thankfully, there are several methods to clean the air vents on your PS5 and you can also contact Sony support for assistance. In addition, you should clean your PS5 as often as possible, and try to keep the air vents free of dust.

To clean the air vents, you should first unplug your PlayStation 5. Then, use a low-powered vacuum cleaner to clear the dust and debris from the vents.

Random spinning of discs

The PlayStation 5 has a mysterious feature known as random spinning of discs. This feature occurs when the console is not in use or when it attempts to download digital games. It is believed to be a system check to ensure that the disc is in good condition and to avoid unauthorized use.

Often, this error can be resolved by removing the disc from the PlayStation. To do so, you must first turn the console over so that the PS Logo is facing away. Next, remove the sticky cap from the manual eject hole. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try other troubleshooting methods.

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Another possible cause is faulty disc insertion. Discs should be inserted correctly in the PlayStation 5. The wrong way may result in confusion. The previous PlayStation 4 discs were inserted into the system with the label on the right. However, with the PlayStation 5, the label should be on the left.

Rest mode

Sony PlayStation 5 users have reported problems with the rest mode. This feature suspends computer activity while you are away and is supposed to save energy. However, users who tried to use this mode on their PlayStations experienced crashes, and other, more serious problems. The problem is not a system-specific one, but rather a general one with some exceptions.

If you are experiencing the problem, you should first check your power supply. You should always make sure to use the proper power supply when using rest mode. If you don’t, you may experience voltage spikes that may damage your system or save files. If you still find the problem, you may need to contact PlayStation support.