Why is My MSI Laptop So Loud?

When you use your MSI laptop, you might notice that the noise levels can be loud. The noise may be due to a number of factors, most notably dust buildup. Most users are afraid to open their machine, but dust can cause a number of problems. One of the main issues is that the fan blades can become obstructed and make the machine much louder.

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If you’ve been wondering why your MSI laptop is making a lot of noise, there’s probably something you can do to make it quieter. One way to do this is to turn down the temperature. You can do this by using some free software to measure your computer’s temperature. One of the most popular tools is MSI Afterburner, which displays the temperature of your CPU and GPU, as well as your FPS.

A laptop’s fan is a natural component of its cooling system, and fans help keep the internal temperature within safe limits. If your laptop is too hot or has too many background processes, its fans will spin faster than they should. It is best to use a laptop with a temperature range of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius (50-95 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimum performance. However, if the temperature is too high, your laptop may overheat and cause the fan to make a loud noise.

Fan speed

One of the most common problems with laptop fans is overspeeding. Fortunately, most laptop manufacturers include management software to help control fan speed. By changing the speed of the fan, you can decrease the noise and improve the airflow. However, if the noise continues, you may want to consult an expert.

Another cause of loud laptop fans is dirty fans. Dirty fans cause the laptop to run hotter and can damage the hardware. This is because the airflow is reduced when hair and dust accumulate on laptop fans. This results in less efficient heat dissipation. Cleaning laptop fans can help improve airflow, but be sure not to open the laptop, as you may damage components and void the warranty.

Air intake

One of the most overlooked aspects of a laptop is its air intake. This part of the laptop’s body is located near the bottom. In order to keep it cool, it needs to be kept free of dust. Users should also keep their laptop from sitting on soft surfaces, which can block the vents. This will cause the laptop to overheat and may result in hardware damage.

The cooling assembly of a laptop includes fans, heat pipes, and a heat sink. The processor generates the most heat, so it’s important to use an appropriate heatsink. The heat sink is composed of copper slices that make contact with the thermal paste on the processor. The cooling system works by dissipating the heat away from the CPU and its memory.


If your MSI laptop is too loud, there are several solutions. The first is to elevate the laptop off the surface, so that more air can circulate. This will reduce the noise from the fans. The next step is to remove any dust from the laptop’s underside. This will lower the amount of pressure on the laptop and improve its performance.

Another common solution is to clean the fan. Dust can block the fan and decrease its performance. The fan spins when it is overworked and will also generate a loud sound. You can clean the fan by performing a CTRL+ALT+DEL process. You should also clean the machine’s mechanical parts and make sure that the computer is running a reliable antivirus.


Your MSI laptop may be making a strange noise due to dust. First, remove the dust from the computer. This will help the laptop to run faster and quieter. Additionally, you will be able to decrease the heat and pressure from the internal fan. After removing the dust, power on the laptop and check if the noise has stopped.

If the noise continues, you should check your computer’s fan. Sometimes, dust can block the fans of MSI laptops, and this will make them run too loudly. You can fix the problem by opening the system’s fan and cleaning out the dust.

Antivirus program

One of the most frustrating things for anyone who owns an MSI laptop is a noisy antivirus program. Viruses not only make your machine run slower, but they also cause the fan to spin too fast and make it loud. It is therefore important to have a good antivirus program to keep your MSI running smoothly and without crashing. There are many free antivirus programs out there, and most of them also have a premium version for extra protection.

The first step in figuring out why your antivirus program on MSI laptop is so noisy is to find out what it is that causes the noise. Typically, the most common cause of noisy machines is dust. Although most users are hesitant to open their laptops, dust can cause various problems to your machine. It is a good idea to clean the fan blades every so often to reduce the noise.