Why is Music So Loud in Movies?

It’s important to remember that the overall sound level in a movie theatre is regulated to a “fader level 7”. This is done to ensure that the audience can understand the special effects of the movie. Moreover, the special effects are mixed so that they are audible on the elaborate surround sound system in the theatre.

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Dolby recommends that the overall sound level be set at “fader level 7”

It’s difficult to say for sure, but Dolby recommends that the overall sound levels be set at “fader level 7”. This setting provides a balance between noise and available headroom, while also leaving about 10dB of volume in hand for soft soundtracks. Setting the Dolby processor’s reference level to “fader level 5” will cause a slight increase in post-fader system noise.

Most theatres play their films too loudly, with the dialogue set high and effects very loud. This can be damaging to a movie’s audience in the long run. To address the problem, cinemas should check the overall sound level.

Noise experts argue that a single rock concert can lead to permanent hearing damage. While no sound level is completely safe, sustained sound levels over 90 dB SPL are highly damaging. Several movies, especially action and sci-fi movies, exceed this limit. However, there are currently no regulations for the sound levels in movie theaters.

Special effects are mixed to be heard on an elaborate surround system in the movie theatre

Movies have an elaborate surround sound system in the movie theatre, which mixes the sound from each scene, including music and special effects. The music and effects are mixed to create a full range of sounds, ranging from ambient noise to in-your-face volume.

People turn the volume up too high

Movies can be very loud, but many people don’t realize it. Some movie theaters have IMAX theatres with a super-high volume. It’s the Hollywood mandate that controls the sound levels. If you have problems hearing the dialogue or action scenes, try wearing headphones and turning the volume down. If this doesn’t work, you can ask the manager of the theater to lower the volume.