Why is Everyone So Loud?

There’s no question that people like to talk loudly. They like to talk about themselves, to record every little thing and to tell others about their lives. The result is a loud and shrill atmosphere that annoys and frustrates everyone around them. Here are some of the reasons why people are so loud.

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People like to talk about themselves

There are several reasons why people like to talk about themselves. One of the most common is that it provides them with subjective value. This sensation activates brain regions linked to pleasure, motivation, and reward. It may also be a way of triggering a chain reaction that will lead to more self-disclosure. Regardless of the reason, this process has a variety of long-term benefits.

A person who only talks about themselves is likely insecure and wants to be validated by others. This behavior may have evolved from their experiences of being ostracized as children. They may also be an only child. In any case, it is important to avoid this type of behavior when possible.

Another way to make yourself interesting is to ask other people about themselves. You could ask a friend about their day, their family, or the next vacation they’re planning. You can even ask about their cat, and you’ll have a good chance of sparking conversation. Just remember to listen to the person who’s talking.