Why is Channel 5 So Loud?

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know that Channel 5 is unbearably loud. This is not only true of the nightly talk shows, but also of game shows and comedy shows. While there are several factors that contribute to loud television, a few of the most common include poor soundproofing and poor programming.

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It’s a daytime talk show

If you’re wondering why Channel 5 is so loud, it’s because it’s a daytime talk-show. The show was created to fill FCC requirements for public affairs programming. It covered a variety of issues, from the transit strike to housing issues. Unfortunately, this requirement was repealed in 1985.

The show aired for one season before being cancelled. It had originally been slated for fall 2020 but was delayed after Nick Cannon’s anti-Semitic comments in his Cannon’s Class podcast. After the controversy, ViacomCBS dropped Cannon from their network, but Fox and Debmar-Mercury backed him. The show’s cancellation is disappointing news for both Fox and the audience.

It’s a comedy

One of the reasons Channel 5 is so loud is because it features a wide variety of shows. These shows range in genre, theme, and language. Whether it’s a sitcom about royalty, trains, or farming, you can be sure to find something that piques your interest.

It’s a game show

The answer is “it depends”. You see, C5 used to be heavy on talking heads and cheap clips, but now there are reality stars and comedians appearing in their programmes. But does that really matter? You may have a hard time hearing them, but your audience will certainly be in the know when they come on air.