Why is CBS So Loud?

It’s a known fact that Commercials are louder than regular programming. And we’re not just talking about the sound of the ads. We’re talking about the background music that drowns out the dialogue. It’s a common, but discredited, trope, and the FCC is powerless to enforce this.

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Commercials are louder than regular programming

You may be wondering why commercials on CBS are louder than regular programming. In fact, the answer to that question lies in the CALM Act. The legislation regulates the volume of commercials on TV, and it became effective Dec. 13, 2012. To ensure that commercials are not too loud, television stations must apply an algorithm to measure the volume of their programming.

The aim of commercials is to keep audio peaks at zero vU, as they are meant to draw people’s attention. This is in contrast to intense combat, which has many audio peaks, so it is no surprise that it sounds louder. Driving the volume of audio above zero vU would trigger limiters in the transmission end of the chain, resulting in distortion.

Background music drowns out dialogue

The constant background music on CBS shows has been a source of frustration for longtime viewers. It can either be a paid advertising strategy, or a way to add drama to a scene. While loud sound is usually a big part of blockbuster films, the deadline pressures of TV shows can lead to shoddy audio mixing.

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The FCC can’t enforce cbs loud ads

The FCC monitors complaints about loud ads and may issue a Letter of Inquiry to a station if it violates the CALM Act. However, the agency has yet to take action on any loud ads. If you notice an annoying commercial, write down the details and submit it to the FCC.

Unprofessional production values detract from the so-called news

“News Report Frontline” was an audio program produced by The Beijing News bringing together an ambassador to China and a communications scholar. The program’s news hook was an interview with China’s ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang. The ambassador spoke to Margaret Brennan for nine minutes about China’s position on Ukraine.

cbs microphone went out during the national anthem

Ashanti’s microphone kept going out during the national anthem during the AFC Championship game on CBS. When the fans realized the mic wasn’t working, they began singing along with the singer. This turned the anthem into a heartwarming singalong. The crowd’s response to the microphone issue made the anthem end on a high note.

The broadcaster’s decision to reintroduce the anthem was a logical one. The microphone on the show, which Ashanti was performing during the anthem in Kansas City, had been muted during the first few lines of the song. The problem persisted throughout the performance, and a CBS spokesperson apologized for the interruption.