Why Does Venom Hate Loud Noises?

Venom is a supervillain that lives inside an alien symbiote. His behavior towards others has made him an outcast and not all of his enemies approve of His benevolent nature. This trait made him vulnerable to attacks because it makes him more cooperative and less likely to fight back.

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Venom’s alien symbiote

Venom’s alien symbiotic relationship with Spider-Man is a love-hate relationship. The villain feeds off the closest source of emotion, the Spider-Man character’s son, who is symbiotically attached to the alien symbiote. In the Marvel Comics universe, Venom is a villain who has attacked many people.

Venom has taken over the bodies of many people and has fought the Punisher. He has also taken over the corpse of Peter Parker. However, his most recent host is from the core Marvel Universe. So, it would be a good idea to use sound to distract Venom.

Venom’s origins differ in each Marvel story. One story reveals that he was originally a costume designed for Spider-Man. From there, he grew into a creepy living skin. Finally, he was revealed to be a symbiotic being. As a result, Venom has two official histories.

His rage-filled state

In the Spiderman 3 movie, Venom attacked Spiderman with a metal cage. It’s not clear why Venom would be affected by gunshots or rockets taking off. However, he is sensitive to sounds with a frequency of four to six kHz. This is in line with what Venom has stated in the past, and is confirmed in the movie.

His ability to withstand large amounts of toxin

Venom is a super-hero from Marvel comics. His symbiote, Toxin, is the 1000th symbiote, and is the spawn of Carnage. It has many of the same traits as Venom and Carnage, but is more powerful than either of them. Toxin also has many unique traits, such as being able to generate tentacles, morphing his hands into weapons, and surviving mass impacts and high-caliber bullets.

The Venom symbiote has two major weaknesses. The first is loud noises, which are painful to Venom. Peter Parker was able to break free of the Venom symbiote by tolling a church bell, which sent Venom fleeing into the arms of Eddie Brock. As a result, sonic weapons have become a first-line of defense against Venom and his fellow symbiotes.

Venom also hates loud noises because they cause his symbiote to mutate. He can withstand a large amount of toxin, but he hates loud noises because they disrupt his training.

His relationship with Spider-Man

Venom is a villain from the Marvel comics. He has the power of venom. Originally an alien costume with spider powers, he was once bonded to a talking tree from space, but has since taken over other creatures, including Rocket and the space raccoon Groot. Although his relationship with Spider-Man is rocky, he does seem to have some fond memories.

Venom was born after Don Vincente Fortunato won an auction for his symbiote. His son then became his host. The son then went on to murder Peter Parker and his classmates. Venom eventually rejected his son when he was in mid-leap and turned to MacDonald “Mac” Gargan.

Venom has a deep hatred for loud noises are the source of his fear of Spider-Man. He hates loud noises because it reminds him of Spider-Man’s death. His relationship with Spider-Man was a major part of his motivation for becoming a villain.