Why Does My Nissan X-Trail Make Noise When Turning?

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  1. Symptoms
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  3. Repairs

If your Nissan X-Trail makes noises when turning, you might need to replace a wheel bearing. To do this, jack up the car and grab the wheel with both hands. Then alternately press and pull. You might need to practice a bit to get the proper grip.

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If you are experiencing the Nissan X-trail noise when turning symptoms, you may have a problem with your vehicle’s suspension. The clicking noise you hear may be caused by a broken or dead suspension cup. These parts act as shock absorbers and buffers and are susceptible to damage due to normal wear or an impact.

A simple wheel bearing replacement may be the first thing to consider. This component is located inside the wheel hub and connects the wheel to the vehicle. If this part fails, the wheel may become loose and fall off. In this case, it is important to replace the wheel bearing as soon as possible.

The humming noise that you hear is most often caused by a bad wheel bearing. It usually comes from the wheel bearing area, and it becomes louder as you speed up. A bad wheel bearing can cause uneven tire wear and stress other components of the vehicle. As a result, you’ll likely notice a vibration under the seats or on the steering wheel.

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Other possible reasons for a noise that occurs during turns include a bad coupling or CV joint. The noise may also come from the wheel bearings, which carry the load during turns. Ignoring these issues could lead to uneven tire wear and wobbly wheels.


The steering wheel on your Nissan X-trail may be vibrating or squeaking. This sound occurs during turning and should be investigated immediately. It may be caused by a worn-out power steering pump. In such a case, you should replace the affected component and get the steering system checked.

The sound can also be caused by a bad turbo or a bad wheel bearing. You can diagnose the cause of the noise by trying to start the car multiple times. Also, check the level of the power steering fluid. If the fluid is low, it can cause the noise.

A bad shock absorber is another cause of noise when turning. The shock absorber is an integral part of the suspension mechanism. Its main job is to reduce the rebound effect of the suspension spring. The shock absorber consists of a piston with holes that transfer oil from one chamber to another. The piston also has holes in it that allow the compression speed to be adjusted.

The steering system also can make noise during turning. Symptoms of bad wheel bearings include grinding and humming noises. A bad wheel bearing can also cause uneven tire wear or wobbling wheels.


If you’re experiencing a noise coming from your Nissan X-trail when you turn the steering wheel, you may need to make some repairs. In some cases, the noise may be caused by the hydraulic system in the car. This system works with the power steering system, and a leak in the system can cause the noise to occur. To prevent this problem from occurring, you should regularly check the fluid level in your power steering system.

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Wheel bearings are important components in your steering system. If the wheel bearings have a bad condition, you may notice a humming or grinding noise when turning. This noise will get louder when driving at high speeds. It’s important to check the wheel bearings as soon as you start to hear the noise because this damage is very difficult to detect in its early stages. You can also experience vibrations in your steering wheel or under the seat, which could indicate a bad wheel bearing.

Another repair you may want to consider is changing the variator. This part is responsible for making the car’s gear ratio. It adjusts gear ratios by tracking the position of the gas pedal. It then tells the leading pulley what speed to rotate. This part is delicate and can easily break or become damaged over time.