Why Do Sizzler Make Noise?

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This question is common among families and students alike. You can start by watching what kind of cooking methods produce different sounds. Ask students what sounds they hear when the food “cooks.” You may be surprised to learn that one cooking method produces a much different sound than the other. For example, food cooked on a stovetop will produce a much different sound than food cooked in a microwave. In fact, one cooking method will actually make the food sizzle.

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This toy is perfect for the young jazz fan! It makes a lot of noise when it is thrown into the air and sounds like frying metal. There are many uses for this toy, and it can be as simple as a drum set or old guitar strings. It is inexpensive and easy to make, and will make a lot of noise! It is also great fun to watch as children make noise with it!


The Versatile sizzler is an essential kitchen gadget that is sure to make a lot of noise! The versatile sizzler is designed for entertaining and cooking purposes. This supersize gadget comes with a large cooking surface and features a 6.6 feet long power cord. It features a triple-layer nonstick coating and is equipped with a diamond pattern cooking surface to avoid sticking. The best part is that it is suitable for cooking all kinds of food, from steaks to sushi!


The cymbal and adapted sizzler constructions of the instant invention are described in detail. Each of these devices combines a conventional cymbal element with a chain of interconnected metallic links that produce a sizzle effect on the sound produced. As a result, the adapted sizzler and cymbal constructions are advantageous because they produce more accurate sizzle sounds from a conventional cymbal element.

Adaptable sizzlers are easy to use and can be mounted on top of a cymbal stand. They produce classic shimmering sizzling noises. The chains attach to the cymbal stand with no drilling required. They are compatible with any type of cymbal stand. Adaptable sizzlers are not intended for use with all cymbals.