Why Do My Thoughts Feel Loud?

Intrusive thoughts can feel like a constant yell. What can you do to silence these thoughts? Here are some tips. Firstly, remember that intrusive thoughts are not messages, red flags, or warnings. Instead, they are a form of anxiety. You are not alone.

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Intrusive thoughts are a yell

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that come out of thin air, and they can be both disturbing and benign. Sometimes they are so intrusive that you cannot control them. Other times they are triggered by memories of embarrassing events in the past. Whatever the case may be, it is very important to understand that intrusive thoughts do not define you.

These thoughts can be disturbing, and they can lead to major anxiety and depression. Often, these thoughts focus on violent, sexual, or socially unacceptable images. Many people experience intense anxiety because they believe that these thoughts will make them commit an unwanted act. They may also fear that these thoughts mean something bad about them or someone else. Many people also have intrusive thoughts that involve repetitive doubts about relationships or decisions. They may even have thoughts about their safety, religion, or death.

They are not red flags

Red flags in relationships are the things that make you question a relationship or even consider a breakup. They can show up when your object of affection does something that rubs you the wrong way, or when you start to question yourself about the relationship. Psychotherapist Annette Nunez describes red flags as mental pins on behaviors that you are not comfortable with.

Although these thoughts may seem loud and intrusive, they aren’t necessarily a red flag or a signal of an unhealthy relationship. The best thing to do when you notice them is to try to minimize their frequency and intensity. You can also prepare yourself for the next time they pop into your head and keep going with your activities.

They are not automatic negative thoughts

Identifying the automatic thoughts that are loud in your mind can help you get control of them and reduce the negative influence they have on you. These thoughts may come to you when you are out with friends, trying something new, or when you are making mistakes. When you notice these automatic thoughts, you should try to notice their content and tone.

They are not threatening

If you are troubled by intrusive thoughts, you are not alone. An estimated 6 million people in the United States struggle with them. Unlike normal thoughts, intrusive thoughts can feel like they are threatening and can take over your thinking. The anxiety they trigger can make you try desperately to suppress them, but all this does is make them stick around and become louder.