Why Do I Type Loud?

When you watch movies about Important Journalism, you’ll see journalists finger-blasting words on a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece. It’s almost the same effect as straight-piping a muscle car: it makes people stop and pay attention. The sound your MacBook keyboard typewriter makes is like the clack of a clunky Chevelle with bad gas mileage.

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If you are typing loudly on a computer, you may be eavesdropping. Although the process is not illegal, it can be invasive if you type in a public place. This is especially true if you are typing sensitive information on your computer. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

Using a microphone to capture typing audio is a good start. However, you will need to have a microphone and clever software to use this technique. In general, a mechanical keyboard is noisy and may not be completely inaudible. If you are worried about your co-workers hearing your typing, you can also install software that will capture your audio.

Even if you don’t know the person you’re talking to, you can still hear them. This technique uses machine learning techniques to identify keystroke sounds, and it is not just limited to typing noise. In fact, it can also be used to listen to wireless radio signals and other electronic shenanigans.

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Distracting jurors

There are a variety of reasons why people should avoid typing loudly in courtrooms. Among them are the fact that jurors are likely to be hard of hearing and are spread out in different sections of the courtroom. Moreover, some of them may have an unusual condition called misophonia, which triggers intense reactions to certain noises.

Getting caught

Getting caught when typing loud can be an extremely stressful situation for anyone involved in a trial. In fact, some people even risk mistrial if they type loudly in the courtroom. This is because loud typing can distract the jurors and reporters, and it can also make the trial go longer than it should.