Why Do Guys Breathe So Loud and Heavy?

You’ve probably wondered why guys breathe so loud and heavy. It might sound a little odd at first, but the reason is simple. Men breathe loud and heavy in order to look good on a date. You can learn how to turn the problem around with some simple strategies. Here are some suggestions.

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Men breathe loudly to look good on a date

It is not uncommon to find men on a date taking deep breaths in the presence of women. This can help make them look hotter. The reason behind this behavior is unclear, but men are known to take longer, deeper breaths when in the presence of women. They do this to impress women.

Some couples like to breathe loudly while making out. Others, however, do not enjoy the sound of loud breathing. If the sound bothers your date, try redirecting the conversation or distracting them with your own voice. Some people tend to verbally respond to loud breathing while making out, while others will respond subliminally.

Men breathe heavily to look good on a date

Women may notice that men breathe heavily on dates. This may be because they are nervous or excited, but it also makes them appear fit. Men often breathe heavily when making out, especially if they are excited. This makes them appear more attractive. Here are some ways to make a man breathe more deeply during a date.

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Men who breathe heavily while making out tend to be aroused or easily elated. They may also breathe heavily as a way of communicating. Women might also find this kind of behavior attractive, but it is important to know what to do if the guy is making you feel uncomfortable or apprehensive.