Why Dads Sneeze So Loud

If you’ve ever wondered why dads sneeze so hard, the reason could be a social pressure. Although there is no physiological need for dads to sneeze so loudly, science has proven that this behavior can have social benefits. Sneezing loudly is often accompanied by a sense of catharsis.

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photic sneeze reflex

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of loud sneezing in dads, but some people think it may have to do with their larger lungs and longer breath-holding. Others believe it has to do with their personality. Loud sneezes in dads can be embarrassing, especially at social gatherings. It’s also possible that dads developed the habit as a child, which may have caused him to sneeze loudly throughout his life.

One theory is that the photic sneeze reflex is part of the trigeminocardiac reflex. It causes the sneeze by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, causing the parasympathetic nervous system to be activated. The effect may occur in as many as 35% of people. More research is needed to understand exactly what triggers this reflex.

sneezing is a powerful activity

Dads sneeze loudly – it’s a social activity that helps them establish pack order and maintain their social status amongst other dads and Mums. The loud sneeze also implies superior lung capacity and clear sinuses, qualities that humans find desirable. And science has discovered that loud sneezing can be a cathartic experience.

Apparently, the loud sneeze of Yi Yang has a 176 decibel output, louder than jet engines or gun shots. Sneezing is a reflex activity that requires the muscles of the chest and abdomen to breathe deeply and quickly, creating a powerful burst of mucus.

You can control the volume of a sneeze

If you have ever listened to a dad sneeze, you probably know that it’s not the most pleasant sound in the world. In fact, it can be quite embarrassing, especially if you’re at a social gathering. Dads, in particular, amplify their sneeze volume. It can sound like a trumpet, foghorn, or machismo force. But there’s something you can do to dampen that dad sneeze.

Sneezing is a natural reflex to clear out irritants in the upper respiratory system. It can be difficult to suppress the urge to sneeze, but there are steps you can take to lessen the volume. Firstly, try to cover your mouth before sneezing. Another method is to hold your breath before sneezing. Holding your breath and coughing simultaneously can also help reduce the volume of a sneeze. Finally, avoid clenching your teeth when sneezing. This will prevent air pressure from accumulating in the mouth.

It’s a social affectation

There’s no physiological reason for dads to sneeze as loudly as they do. Yet, the noise they make is often perceived as a social effect. Dads’ sneezes often sound like a trumpet, foghorn, or machismo force. The social impact of dads’ sneezes has long been studied and is largely attributed to the social pressure that dads experience when they sneeze.

It is possible that dads sneeze loudly to establish pack hierarchy and maintain their social status with their fellow dads and mums. The loud sneeze may also signal superior lung capacity and clear sinuses, traits highly valued in human society. Scientists have linked loud sneezing to the mechanism by which dads can laugh loudly at their own jokes.

It’s a defence mechanism

Science suggests that dads sneeze so loud as an attempt to maintain pack order and their social standing with Mum and other dads. It is also believed that Dads sneeze so loudly to prove that they have good lung capacity and clear sinuses, both desirable traits for human beings. This behaviour is even linked to the mechanism by which Dads joke, as having a greater lung capacity helps them laugh loudly at their own jokes.

However, there are no scientific studies supporting this theory. It has been suggested that Dads sneeze so loudly to prove their dominance, but the truth is that they are simply trying to get rid of allergens and other irritants. The fact is that anything in the air can trigger a sneeze, including pollen, dust, and pepper. Even pet hair can trigger a sneeze.