Why Bikes Are Loud

Motorcycles are known to be very loud, especially those made by Harley-Davidson. The loud pipes are designed to protect the rider from traffic by creating a Doppler effect, which makes the rider feel safer. Moreover, old bikes are known to have thin and corroded exhaust pipes, which makes them even louder. However, the louder bikes may not be the only reason why bikes are noisy. Other factors may contribute to the noise, too, including the attitude of riders. For example, people in cars follow traffic rules and are not as reckless as bike riders.

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Motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson are among the loudest on the road

Motorcycles are notoriously loud, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles are no exception. In fact, the loudest motorcycles on the road are Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The loudness of Harleys can be very dangerous to a human’s hearing. Studies have shown that 94 to 100 decibels can cause serious damage to a person’s hearing in just an hour. As a result, many local communities have put noise restrictions on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and some have even banned them altogether.

Motorcycles are not equipped with mufflers, and the sound produced by Harleys is often very loud. A stock Harley can be over 90 decibels, and modifying the exhaust with straight pipes will increase the volume even further. While Harley-Davidson motorcycles meet federal noise standards, they are still loud. Motorcycle owners may want to consider the long-term effects of this decision, though.

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Some cities have passed noise laws to protect the citizens of residents who live nearby. Often, these laws are not enforced on a personal level, but they may take action when a group of neighbors complain. If you have an issue with a motorcycle, contact your local police department. They can enforce the noise ordinances in your area.

Doppler effect causes loud pipes to make the rider safer

During an In-Depth Study of Motorcycle Accidents, researchers found that the vast majority of collisions between motorcycles and cars occur from the front. This means that the noise from loud pipes is not a Distant Early Warning system. Instead, it creates a false sense of safety, since it causes car drivers to ignore a motorcycle until it is too late. Moreover, loud pipes can have adverse effects on the rider.

However, loud pipes have some advantages. They can alert the driver to the presence of a motorcycle. However, the deep throaty roar from loud pipes is muted when it reaches a listener in a car. This is because of the Doppler Effect. This phenomenon is explained in a video below.

Loud pipes help the rider hear other road users. They do this by projecting the sound forward and away from the rider’s motorcycle. The sound is powerful enough to be heard by drivers who are making an overtake or pulling into a junction.

Older bikes have thinner and corroded exhaust pipes

In order to prevent your exhaust from corroding, you should clean it regularly. The downpipes and the catalyser should be cleaned using metal polish or fine grade wire wool. Metal polish is the safest method and requires the least effort. However, you should avoid using chemical peels as these can leave rust on the metal.

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Some riders think they’re badass tough guys

Motorcycle riding is a very popular recreational activity, but there are some riders who enjoy riding motorcycles for a completely different reason. Some riders believe that riding a motorcycle will make them look tough. Although this image may persist in television shows, in real life most people don’t associate riding a motorcycle with being a badass tough guy. Instead, they think about the retired couple or elementary school teacher next door.