Why Are My Andis Clippers So Loud?

If you’ve been asking yourself “why are my Andis clippers so loud?” then you’ve reached the right place. A professional sharpening service can help you stop the noise your Andis clippers are making. This article will teach you how to use the clipper in a way that’s comfortable and quiet.

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If your Andis clippers make an unusually loud buzzing noise when they are cutting hair, you might be wondering how to stop them. First, you need to check the cord connection and switch mechanism. If they are dirty, they will not allow the proper amount of current to pass through. Another issue might be the motor itself. It may need to be replaced. This can be a costly repair.


The Andis 76023-510 is an excellent choice for those looking for an efficient clipper with low noise levels. This rotary motor clipper is equipped with four comb guides, including a blending comb. It is also fantastically quiet thanks to its low 57db motor.

There are a few reasons to go with an online store for purchasing a clipper. First, the selection is vast and you’ll find a wide range of products. Second, you’ll be able to read a variety of reviews, which can help you narrow down the options. In addition, you’ll find that online retailers are more likely to offer a warranty on their products, which is a great feature when you’re purchasing an item online.

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Andis is a leading brand of grooming products and is a great choice for owners looking for a quiet dog clipper. Their silent clippers are easy to maneuver and recharge. They feature ceramic blades, five-speed motors, and easy clip on/off blades.


If you’re looking for a comfortable clipper that can handle your long hair and provide you with professional results, you might consider Andis clippers. These models are made of aluminum and feature a durable design. The casing is designed to protect the blades from damage and keeps them clean. This also makes it possible to use them for a long time. However, you’ll want to be sure to clean your clippers properly so you can get the most out of them. The first thing you need to do is to brush the blades. You can use a brush that comes with your clipper or you can use a soft toothbrush to clean them.

Another benefit of the Andis clipper is that it is lightweight and compact, weighing only a pound. While its aluminum body is lightweight, it may get warm after a long day’s use. This is because the clippers’ motor is electromagnetic. This means that they vibrate back and forth to keep the blade moving, which can cause friction. The metal body also absorbs the heat, making it a comfortable clipper to use.

Ceramic edge blades

Andis clippers are noisy, but they have powerful motors that run at 7,000 strokes per minute. They are also easy to clean, and they come with a blade brush to help remove hair that gets caught between the blades. The blades are easily replaceable and come in a variety of sizes. Some clippers even have comb attachments, which are helpful for tighter trims.

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The Andis Clipper Plus comes with a Ceramic Edge blade, and the blades can be interchanged for others, so you can switch up blades easily. This clipper is professional-quality, and is perfect for busy salons. Its fast-cutting, precision-cutting action allows you to cut even the toughest spots in no time. You can also choose to use the clipper for mustaches and necklines. The clipper doesn’t slow down when the air is thick or coarse, making it perfect for busy salons.


It’s common to complain about the noise produced by cordless clippers. But this shouldn’t stop you from buying one. Andis clippers are remarkably powerful and versatile, so you can use them on all types of hair. These clippers even work well on wet hair. The pivot motor delivers a higher torque than the electromagnetic motors used in other clippers.

These clippers feature an ergonomic design. The body of the clipper is made of metal and is 7.25 inches long. But be careful, as the clipper can get very hot after extended use. That’s because the electromagnetic motor vibrates back and forth to keep the blade moving, and friction leads to the motor heating up.