Why Am I So Loud and Obnoxious?

People who are self-obsessed are often loud and obnoxious. They have little regard for the feelings of others and intentionally try to annoy or frustrate others. This type of behavior is a sign of narcissism, a personality disorder marked by an intense disregard for others. People with narcissistic tendencies often struggle with anxiety.

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Taking up unnecessary space

It’s hard to break an obnoxious habit. This habit may be due to thinking you’re too important to listen to others or because you don’t think of others’ feelings or needs. However, you can change some of your behaviors and be less loud.

Interrupting others

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Why am I so loud and obnoxious?” you may be wondering if you’re being selfish, trying to dominate conversations, or just feeling overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, your loud and obnoxious behavior can be irritating and distracting. There are ways to change your behavior and be less irritating.