How to Soundproof your Balcony?

The balcony is an important part of any house. It is where you can host your guests, you can have a relaxing time, or you can have just a good time by having your tea and enjoying nice weather. Normally families can have their me time during the evening on a balcony and its a refreshing experience.

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Counting all these factors in you wouldn’t like to have a lot of noise in the balcony. A relaxing environment needs to be there if you want to enjoy your time but there can be some scenarios where it isn’t possible. This is why we are going to tell you about different ways in which you can get rid of the noise.

Insulation of the Surrounding Walls

wall insulation

If your house faces a street or you live in a busy neighborhood it is a must to insulate your walls. This would strengthen the walls and help them tackle the noise coming from your surroundings. It is only possible if you have the authority to deal with the property’s structure even if you have rented the house.

The best solution is to choose fiberglass insulation to create a barrier between the walls and the sitting area. This would increase the number of layers the soundwaves have to pass to reach the whole area.

Another benefit of such an insulation is that it would stop the moisture from seeping into the balcony from your house. The added layer would absorb most of the water as well and it wouldn’t reach the walls because that could be really discomforting for you in the long run.

Decorating the Balcony with Rugs and Plants

plants in balcony

You have to keep in mind that if you are unable to insulate the walls you need to find more material that can absorb the noise. As you have limited choices you can make use of plants, rugs, and various kinds of furniture.

It isn’t necessary to create a clutter by having a lot of things on your balcony but still anything that absorbs sound would help. You can choose on the basis of the overall style and architecture of your house. The plants would also add a refreshing feeling in the are and would help you to have more relaxing time.

Choose Big Plants

big plants in balcony

You can choose big plants to be placed on the edges of the balcony. It would also increase your privacy and you can enjoy with your whole family. Adding a thick rug could also be helpful in this situation. You have to think about the environment of the area as well. If you live near a sea or in an area with harsh summers you may use interlocking soundproofing matts instead of a rug.

A rug is an excellent sound absorber and it gives an elite ambiance to your balcony any day. You can just place a bean bag on a cold night and enjoy a starry night or just lie around with your family and friends.

Utilize Non-Hollow and Dense Furniture

The furniture can also provide great resistance against noise in a small area. The balconies do not cover a lot of area so this solution would be perfect for this scenario. When you are choosing the furniture for the balcony you have to go for non-hollow and solid frames, dense cushions, and heavy coffee tables.

Make sure to add as much as you can when it comes to furniture because it would stop the noise from reach out to the walls of the balcony. The sound wouldn’t be echoed or amplified and you would be able to have a peaceful time. Increase the number of furniture in the area and if they are dense enough they would definitely block more noise every time.

Tackling the Traffic Noise

Living in a busy neighborhood can be an extensive issue especially regarding noise pollution. When there is a lot of traffic on the street it is extremely difficult to have a peaceful environment.

Enjoying on the balcony gets an adverse effect too because a number of sounds are disturbing you every moment, for example, the horns of the car, people shouting at each other, etc. In order to tackle it you need to take some measures that may be costly but it would definitely help you to have a good time.

Buy a Noise Machine

A noise machine is created to tackle noise with amusing sounds. You can just listen to different kinds of sounds on it and it would take your focus away from the noise coming from the outside.

While having conversations with your family and loved ones you can have kind of a background music to cancel all the noise. There are a number of machines available in the market but you have to choose one that could serve you for a longer period of time.

Install a Sound System

If you have kind of a closed balcony you can install a sound system inside it. The surround sound system would be a great choice because you can play your favorite songs with it and enjoy your time. Point to ponder is that if you are listening to something of your choice it would never be considered noise.

On the other hand, the random sounds coming from the surrounding would be disturbing for you. So you may not have some kind of sound proofing for this situation but you still have a chance to fight against it.

Final Thoughts

We have pointed out different solutions for tackling the noise in the balcony but you are the one deciding which one suits your situation the best. You know your surroundings better and the budget you can spend on the solutions.

This is why we would suggest you to choose something that is budget friendly but still effective. We would love to hear back from you and if you have a few more solutions you can write to us so we can include them in our next piece on this topic. Try to check our tips on how to soundproof your basement.