How to Soundproof a Fence?

If you live in a loud neighborhood with a lot of noise or near a busy area you might have to face disturbance in the garden or backyard due to the noise. Normally, you want to enjoy your time when you are in your garden and if the weather is good there is nothing more frustrating than a lot of noise. You can solve this problem because there are different techniques for soundproofing your fence. In addition, you can also change different things in your house like changing the furnishing in a softer manner to reduce the noise. Furthermore, we would like to share a few other solutions so let’s get started. You may also check our other article on how to soundproof a curtains.

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Analyze the Existing Fence and Evaluate Its Condition

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Whenever you want to start the process of soundproofing your fence you have to analyze the condition of the existing fence. You need to realize whether you can make enough changes to the existing structure to get the best possible results. It needs to have a proper base if it has to carry additional weight.

Originally the fence is responsible for blocking the noise and if you can add more layers of material to it that would definitely help improve the insulation. If the structure is not dense and has big gaps then you would have to replace the whole thing. There wouldn’t be much benefit from adding any additional material because the base is not strong enough. It would be preferable to build a strong fence instead of just trying to save a little bit of money because it isn’t worth your peace of mind.

Use Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) to Strengthen Your Fence

After analyzing the fence properly if you think that it is built in a strong manner and has a great density you can start adding soundproofing layers. One of the best materials for this purpose is known as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). You would find rolls of this material from any big market and you must try to choose the thick rolls.

Spend a bit of money on this process because it would help you to save money in replacing the whole fence in the long run. The best thing about this material is that it is weather-resistant and it can also support the fence against rain. It is extremely useful for outdoor (read our article on how to quiet a slamming door) structures and not difficult to deal with in any way.

If you are just building the fence you can start adding the material to the structure if your fence is built in a certain way then you will have to remove it first panel by panel. Add MLV to each panel in a careful manner. Make sure that it sticks with the panels because otherwise all of your expense and time would be wasted. Once done, you can reattach the panels and rebuild your fence properly. You will definitely feel a lot less noise reaching your area after going through this process.

Increase the Number of Plants and Shrubs

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When you want to reduce the sound coming from a certain direction you have to put different kinds of structures in the way so it would have to cross them in order to reach. In this way, you can reduce the power of sound to a level that won’t disturb you at all. One of the best solutions would be to increase the number of plants and dense shrubs in your garden. These plantations would fight with the noise for you and you would be able to get rid of it within a limited period of time.

You can even buy grown-up plants and relocate them in your garden near the fenced area. The more hurdles the sound has to cross the less the noise you will have to face. This can also be extremely useful to save your house from the disturbing sounds from the surrounding areas. You just need to focus on using the plants that have a better spread and can cover a huge area. Plant them in a way that you create a fence of these plants as well to increase the protection.

Create Sheds Inside the Garden

You can build different kinds of sheds for the plants or for your pets in a manner that they can cover a reasonable area. These sheds cannot only provide you and your plants a lot of extra space but they can also become a defense against the noise. You can use soundproofing material inside the building and make it a peaceful place for you and your family. If you want to add more than one shed keep them in close proximity to each other so the sound doesn’t have a lot of space to pass through and disturb you.

More number of sheds means that you have extra layers of protection for your fence. Although there is an option of rebuilding the whole thing but if you don’t want to do it you need to utilize one of the alternative methods we have explained. For building something from scratch you will require professional help and we would suggest you not do it on your own.


Soundproofing a fence is not a straightforward thing but we have tried to bring you a number of simple solutions. Our intention is to provide you with suggestions that can easily be applied anywhere in the world. All the required material can be purchased from any big market and the rest of it is on you whether you want to do it yourself or you want to use professional assistance.

The power of choice is in your hands now. You may use one of these methods and achieve success or you may not be successful following all of these methods. There is no fixed solution for this problem so you need to keep on trying various techniques just like the ones we have shared in this blog. You will be able to solve this issue within a few days instead of being frustrated by it for months in the future. You might be interested in our other article: how to soundproof a garage.