How to Soundproof a Bed?

It may sound like an absurd idea or thought but a noisy bed can be a problem for so many people around the globe. If you hear various noises while you are trying to sleep you wouldn’t be able to rest properly.

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Not only it would delay your time in the deep sleep that is really important but it would also keep you restless. This is not a good situation and we need to find out various solutions for it. This is why today we are going to tell you all about these techniques that have to be applied in order to get rid of a noisy bed.

Figuring Out the Noisy Part


First of all, we need to find out the culprit in this situation and there are a few known culprits to begin the identification with which are as follows:-

  1. Mattress
  2. Bed Frame
  3. Box Spring

When it comes to the mattresses you can easily take it out from the bed and check whether it is the source behind the noise or not.

The ones with the springs or that are made for the hybrid beds usually create different kinds of sound. You just have to push the mattress out and check it with your hand in order to find out the reason behind the sound. If the sound is disturbing you simply have to replace it.

If the bed frame is the one that needs to take the blame you will have to go into extensive fixation mode. The good news is that there are many DIY techniques that don’t require a lot of expenditure or professional help. We will explain all of them later in this blog.

The box spring may be making different kinds of sounds due to the metal coils. You don’t have any other choice in this situation apart from changing the coils.

Another solution is to remove the box spring at all in case you don’t feel it necessary for your bed and mattress combination. Let’s take a look at how we can fix the noise coming from the bed frame in a detailed manner now:-

Fix the Joints in the Frame

fixing bed frame

When you will take a look at the bed frame you will realize that there a number of joints holding it together along with screws. These joints can cause a bit of sound if the bed is old and you have to start with them to eradicate the problem.

Always start with tightening the joints because they shouldn’t make any noise if they are held properly at their place. You can do it yourself with a screwdriver and you can also get a tighter fit on them with the help of a wrench.

Use Lubrication

If you have a metal bed frame or any frame with screws and bolts you need to lubricate it regularly. There are different lubrication products available in the market and you can buy a standard one for this process.

Once you are done with tightening the joints the lubrication would further improve the performance of your bed and if you are not successful even after applying this technique you have to start from the beginning and find the real cause behind the noise.

Solving the Friction between Mattress and Frame

If your bed is making constant noise you may have to look for solving the friction between the mattress and the frame. The best way is to fill the gap between both with something that can absorb a bit of pressure during the movement of the mattress. Cushioning would be a good solution in this scenario.

You require a bit of fabric material to create the cushioning or you can buy it from the market as well. Once done, you have to line the frame with the line of the bed and place the mattress back in its place.

This would definitely reduce the noise and you would be able to have a peaceful sleep.

A Few Other Solutions


Usually by following all the techniques explained above you would be able to soundproof a bed but if you are not successful we have a few more techniques for you. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Padding the Legs of the Frame

You may notice that the legs of the frame are making the sound that is disturbing you and you need to find a useful way to deal with it.

Utilize fabric pads or furniture pads to place them alongside the legs and you will be able to solve this issue instantly.

Finding the Right Balance

Make sure that your bed is properly placed on the floor and there is no unevenness. If there is an unevenness you can face a bit of noise in this condition. To figure out this issue you will have to add pads under the uneven legs to even out the balance.

Deal with the Wheels

If the legs of the bed frame have wheels and their movement is making squeaky sounds you will have to use caster cups to solve the problem.

Most of the time it is not possible to remove the wheels because it would impact the structure of the bed but if they aren’t necessary you should get them removed or lubricate them on a regular basis.

Use Wax

Using wax in the contact areas of a bed frame can be a great way to resolve the problem as well. The friction between different moving parts or the joints can cause a lot of discomforts and damage the bed as well. So you need to keep it to a minimum.


All the solutions explained in the blog are tested and they will definitely bring results if the problem is with the frame, mattress, or springs.

If you are unable to solve the issue even after applying all of these techniques you would have to get it checked by a professional or may have to replace it.

If you are facing any similar issue you can contact us and we would try to help you with the problem as well. You might also be interested in our other article: how to soundproof your balcony.