My Oster Fast Feed is Too Loud

If you’ve ever tried to use an Oster Fast Feed and been disappointed with the noise, there are some things you need to know. The motor is too loud, the guards are flimsy, and the guide combs aren’t durable. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your Oster fast feed’s noise level. Read on to learn more!

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Not quiet enough

The Oster Fast Feed is a good choice if you’re looking for a fast and quiet feeding device. It’s easy to use and has an ergonomic design. This model has a quiet pivot motor and a single adjustable blade. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Oster Fast Feed pivot motor clipper is quiet and moves quickly through hair. Its patented quiet motor design helps to keep the clipper’s noise level at a minimum. It’s also equipped with a blade guard and is included with blade oil. It also comes with four guide combs and an instruction sheet.

The Oster Fast Feed is a good choice for most men. However, there are some cons to this clipper. Some users say that it isn’t quiet enough or isn’t very efficient when clipping hair that is still wet. Some people also complain that the blades tend to get dull very quickly. However, even though the Oster Fast Feed may not be quiet enough, it’s still a good choice.

Motor wears down

If you hear a screeching or gurgling sound coming from your washing machine, the problem is likely a failing drive motor. In addition, the motor might also be causing a burning smell. Other parts of the washing machine may also be contributing to the noise. Check the bearings in these components to see if they are worn.

Worn motor bearings can also cause a high-pitched whining noise. To check the bearings, remove the belt from the drive pulley. You can also switch on the spin cycle to hear the noise. If the noise persists, replace the motor. If the problem is not fixed by replacing the motor, check the drive pulley and the belt.

Guards are flimsy

The guards on my Oster fast feed are floppy and easy to bend. The combs that come with the Andis purple models, however, are sturdier and don’t bend. They also hold the blades with a solid grip.

These guards do not fit flush or counter-sunk on the Fast Feed, and are not counter-sunk. Luckily, you can purchase dual-magnetic guards from Amazon for a reasonable price. These aren’t as fragile as the combs that come with the Fast Feed and will keep your blades from slipping out.

Guide combs aren’t durable

Oster’s fast feed clipper is an impressive choice if you want to trim your hair quickly and efficiently. It features steel blades and works well on wet and dry hair. However, the guide combs on this clipper aren’t durable and can break easily. This means you might need to buy another comb to get the perfect length cut.

Another great option for your hair clipper is the Oster Topaz, a sleek full black clipper that features stainless steel blades with the Cryonyx Blade System. It also has a thumb lever for adjusting the blades and four guide combs to fit different hair types. It is very quiet and is far less bulky than its predecessor, the Oster Classic 76.