Loud House – Why Was It Banned?

Loud House was a controversial Netflix original series. In the early part of 2016, VIMN Africa announced that it would self-censor the show, but the KFCB was too late to notice. That means the show was never broadcast in Kenya. But why was it banned? Let’s look at some possible reasons.

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Caillou’s sexual harassment claims

The creator of the hit animated series “The Loud House,” Chris Savino, is being investigated for sexual harassment. According to reports, as many as 12 women have come forward to complain about Savino’s inappropriate behavior, including making unwanted advances and threatening to blacklist them. The accusations came to light following a report by Cartoon Brew.

The Loud House is a ratings hit for Nickelodeon. Its creators are currently working on a third season and are preparing to release a movie version. While some parents aren’t thrilled with the show’s messages about changing the world, it’s still highly popular.

Cartoons with homosexual themes

A recent episode of the cartoon series Loud House was banned from South African television after it depicted married gay dads. The show was banned after DSTV Kenya claimed that it contained “sexual content.” The show was banned because of its inclusion of multiple queer characters. The character Clyde McBride was adopted by two gay men.

Despite the ban, cartoons containing homosexual themes are still being produced and aired on TV. Nickelodeon, which carries the popular cartoon network, has made efforts to make its cartoons more representative of the LGBT community. In 2015, same-sex marriage was made legal in most states. However, “The Loud House” wasn’t the first show on Nickelodeon to feature gay characters. The “Legend of Korra” series came close to making gay characters a common theme, but ultimately didn’t follow through.

Cartoons with gay themes have a long history of causing controversy. During its run from 1989 to 2000, “The Simpsons” featured a gay couple. In 2014, the show’s censors removed the scenes of a gay kiss. The episode’s censorship caused outrage across the continent.

KFCB’s decision to ban the show

The censorship board of Kenya’s broadcaster, KFCB, ordered Multichoice to stop broadcasting an episode of Loud House, a television series about gay dads. The board claimed the shows were inconsistent with age-suitability ratings and contradicted the institution of family. While adults are allowed to choose their sexual orientation, Kenyan laws prohibit the promotion of homosexuality in children.

The decision was not widely-received in the country. The KFCB has an established record of violating the Constitution. It is no surprise that this board would censor a television show that depicts a gay couple raising a 10-year-old child. Yet the show’s creators hardly make a fuss about this, and they are attempting to pass off their relationship as a normal one.

Nickelodeon has renewed The Loud House for a sixth season, with 26 episodes scheduled for air. The announcement comes just ahead of Season 5, which premieres on the broadcaster in the form of a one-hour special. After the premiere, the series will go on international roll-out later this year. But first, the series’ censorship could prove problematic.

Kids’ sources to find out why the show was banned

The Loud House was banned by the Kenya Film and Classification Board because it featured scenes of homosexuality. The cartoon featured multiple queer characters, including Clyde McBride, who was adopted by two gay men. Despite the controversial content, the show is a popular animated series, and many viewers have found it to be very funny and entertaining.

The series was created by Chris Savino, based on his own experiences as a child growing up in a large family. The show was originally supposed to feature a family of rabbits, and a childhood dream of Lincoln to become a rabbit was used for the Season 3 episode “White Hare.” Chris Savino pitched the show to Nickelo in 2013 as a two-and-a-half minute animated short for their annual animated shorts program.

The Loud House premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016, and is currently airing in its sixth season. While the show used to be a huge hit, it soon became a topic of controversy in other countries. It is banned in many countries, including Turkey. In Turkey, the series is censored and some characters are edited out. In addition, the creator was suspended from the Animation Guild.