Is the PlayStation 5 Quieter Than the PS4?

Is the PlayStation 5 quieter than the PS4? Here are a few things to keep in mind. The PS5’s fan has angled blades instead of the more rounded blades found on the PS4. If your PS4 console makes a loud noise, it is likely because its parts are loose, or that you’ve placed it in the wrong area. If you notice noise from your PS4, you should consider getting a new one.

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If you’re wondering whether the PlayStation 5 is quieter than its predecessor, look no further. Sony has designed the PS5’s fan to be less noisy than its predecessor. The angular blades and rounded edges of the fan help make the PS5 quieter than its predecessor. But if you’re still concerned, you can try moving the console away from your ears. Depending on the settings, the coil whine may become more or less noticeable.

While the noise of the PS5’s fan is comparable to the PlayStation 4’s, the PS4 is much noisier. That means you’ll need to adjust the volume to suit your needs. If the PS4’s fan is loud, it will interfere with the soundtrack. In contrast, the PS5’s fan is significantly quieter than that of the Xbox. This difference is not only noticeable from a distance, but it also means the PS5 is more energy-efficient.


Some PS5 consoles are noisier than others. According to a French tech website, the noise levels of five PS5 units were quite different. One review unit was a lot quieter than the other four, and two had significantly higher noise levels than the review unit. The difference was likely due to differences in the size of the fans. Sony is working to address this issue. It is not uncommon for a PlayStation to make some noise, which is expected considering the size and shape of the console.

One of the most common complaints about the PS4 is its fan noise. The PlayStation 5’s fan is not as loud. The PS5 is quieter than the PS4 while reading discs. Users have also reported that the drive has been optimized to be more silent than its predecessors. The PS5’s fan blades are angular and rounded, which should reduce the noise. However, loud noise is never a good sign. If the PS4 console makes noise, it may be due to loose components vibrating against the frame. In such cases, users are advised to place the PS4 in a suitable area.

PS5 disc drive

One of the biggest changes to the PlayStation 5 is its disc drive. The PS5 is quieter than its predecessor. It no longer whirs as loudly as its predecessor, which is great news for those who enjoy quiet gaming. A disc spinning noise is a huge turn off for many gamers, and the quieter disc drive is sure to be a welcome change. The following are some other improvements to the PS5.

The PS5 has a much quieter disc drive than the PS4. While it is much quieter, you may want to take a few extra precautions if you have a young toddler. The disc drive is located at the lower left corner of the console. Make sure you insert the disc correctly, as you do not want the disc to jam. You should also avoid moving the PS5 while the disc is spinning, as this can cause damage to the disc reader and sensor.

Fan noise

The fan noise on the PS5 is noticeably less than the PS4’s. Sony says there’s no evidence of widespread fan failure in PS5 models. In the test environment at the site, the fan noise was barely audible. AV Watch notes that the PS5’s temperature was about 30degC/85degF, which is warmer than average playing conditions.

There’s some debate over whether the PS5’s fan noise is actually lower than the PS4’s. Some gamers have argued that the PS5’s fan noise is not at all noticeable, while others claim the difference is not significant. The PS5’s coil whine is often caused by audible vibrations passing through the power brick and graphics card. This buzzing sound is not detrimental to the PS5’s lifespan or performance, and isn’t indicative of a faulty PS5.

Cooling efficiency

When it comes to gaming consoles, the cooling efficiency of the PS5 is often an issue. The new model has a higher exhaust temperature than the launch version. That’s good, but it could also mean that it runs hotter than the old model, and the new heatsink might be less efficient in removing heat from the CPU. In addition to the new heatsink, the new PS5 has a different fan with longer blades.

The PS5’s new CPU, the Zen 2, presented a challenge to the company in terms of cooling. Its 7nm chip is significantly more power hungry than the Jaguar-based CPU. The new processor also requires a larger fan, and a higher power supply. Fortunately, this was planned from the start, and the PS5’s cooling system is tied to the frequency of the CPU and GPU. The PS5’s always-on boost mode enables high-end cooling.