Is the Lido Deck Noisy on a Cruise Ship?

Are you interested in sailing on a cruise ship but concerned about noise? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you need to know about the Lido deck, including its location on the ship, common amenities, and noise level. If you are on a budget, you can stay on lower levels. High cabins are likely to be noisy, so plan your cruise accordingly. The following articles will explain what you need to know before you set sail on a cruise ship.

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Lido deck

If you’re worried about Lido deck noise, consider moving to a lower level cabin. The higher you go, the louder it is likely to get, and you’ll find it difficult to enjoy the view without waking up early each morning to the noise of people jostling around lounge chairs and other noises. There are ways to minimize Lido deck noise, but you need to decide how noisy it will be for your needs.

Cruise ships have a variety of types of decks, including Lido decks. For first-time cruisers, it’s worth knowing the terms and locations of the main decks. The Lido deck is the area that has bars, soft-serve ice cream stands, and grilling stations. You can also opt for a room with a window service restaurant to avoid the noise of the pool deck.

Common amenities

Located in the heart of Seaside, the Lido Deck condo overlooks the Town Center and newly renovated amphitheater. Featuring a spacious courtyard and two private exterior spaces, this Seaside vacation home offers panoramic gulf views and an easy commute to the town’s restaurants and boutiques. Renovated in May 2014, Lido Deck condos also include a fully equipped kitchen, pull-up seating counter-height bar, and elevator access to the Lido Deck.

Among the many common amenities on the Lido Deck, it is the outdoor pool. It may have one or two swimming pools, and a large area with sun loungers and miniature tables is also included. There are also DJs and live music events held on the Lido Deck. Guests can enjoy a meal in one of the ship’s restaurants or lounges, or spend an evening in one of the deck’s bars.


If you’re planning your first cruise, make sure you consider a room on the Lido deck. Lido decks tend to have higher noise levels than the other floors, but you may be able to sleep better without a noisy neighbor. If you’re not a light sleeper, you’ll also want to avoid long elevator rides, and you definitely don’t want to have to deal with strangers peeping into your cabin. Lido deck noise is one of the most common complaints on cruise ships. Pool deck parties can be late in the evening, so you’ll want to avoid those. Also, don’t forget to move your sunlounger before dawn.

Another area that can create noise problems is the Lido Deck. You should choose a cabin that is above or below other cabins. If you aren’t a fan of loud noises, you should choose a cabin on the lower levels. Make sure you choose a cabin that is surrounded by other cabins if you want to have a peaceful stay. It will also reduce the chances of experiencing the infamous Lido Deck noise.

Location on cruise ship

Noise can be an issue on any cruise ship, so be aware of where it’s coming from. Look for areas near elevators and stairwells, which can be noisy. Avoid staterooms under the galley, as smoke from the kitchen may drift into the adjacent halls. Also, be sure to study the deck plan, as there are areas where the noise is most noticeable. A quieter area may be further down the ship, tucked away between cabins.

During warm weather, the Lido Deck is bustling with happy cruisers and party goers. As a result, this deck is noisy, and it’s not conducive to taking a nap or relaxing in your stateroom. Instead, it’s a place for high-energy activities like dancing and partying. It’s also possible to watch a live concert or movie on the outdoor projection screen.