Is Karndean Flooring Noisy?

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  1. QuietChoice
  2. Van Gogh
  3. Opus
  4. Korlok
  5. NuCore

When choosing new flooring for your home, it is important to consider how noisy the material is. Karndean flooring is quieter than laminate, but it does react differently to changes in climate. Depending on the climate, it will expand or contract in hot weather and might warp if exposed to extreme temperatures. Karndean is more resilient to changes in climate and is quieter than laminate. Its vinyl composition dampens noise and makes the floor warmer. In addition, Karndean is also much warmer underfoot than laminate, which can warp and become unsightly.

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You might be wondering if QuietChoice is really necessary for your luxury vinyl floor. The answer to that question depends largely on where you are installing your new flooring. While most rooms are fine with acoustic flooring, some rooms may benefit from additional sound insulation. For those areas, the QuietChoice underlayment is ideal. It offers a high level of sound absorption and is soft underfoot.

If you’re wondering whether QuietChoice is necessary, it’s important to know the thickness of the underlayment. QuietChoice is designed to reduce noise transmission in multi-level structures. Typically, its thickness is 0.028 inches (0.71 mm). Moreover, it’s not recommended to install this product on a poorly prepared substrate or without the other trades’ finishing touches.

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh range by Karndean Designflooring captures nature in its raw form with authentic textures and distinctive grain detail. However, there are no dreadful maintenance problems, and the range can easily be installed over most existing hard floors. Karndean’s Van Gogh vinyl flooring is also easy to install, and its 4.5 mm wear layer reduces noise.

The Van Gogh collection comes in 48-inch x seven-inch planks. You can even have custom borders installed if desired. In addition to its durability, Karndean’s vinyl plank flooring is quiet and has a lifetime warranty, unlike laminates, which are noisy and prone to moisture problems and damage. Wood, on the other hand, can be expensive and needs constant maintenance. It may also move excessively, especially in high-humidity environments.


The Opus range of Karndean flooring is renowned for its luxurious feel underfoot. Its soft and supple surface makes it an excellent choice for commercial settings. Opus flooring comes in a variety of sizes, from large tiles to wide planks. They can be easily installed over most hard floors and do not cause any noticeable noise when in use. For those who do not want to purchase expensive floor coverings, you can choose between an inexpensive version of Karndean LooseLay.

The Opus Karndean flooring is made of 0.55 mm thick surface and can withstand years of heavy use. However, some people find this material to be noisy. This is a common complaint from consumers of Karndean vinyl flooring. You should be aware that the thicker the vinyl, the higher the noise level. Opus vinyl flooring is also available in thicker cores than other types of LVP.


Unlike other rigid-core floor coverings, Karndean Korlok is quiet. The design features a unique five-G fold-down locking system and waterproof K-Core technology for fast installation over most existing hard floors. Another key feature is its closed-cell acoustic foam backing, which reduces noise transfer by 22dB while preventing mold and mildew growth. And since it has a softer feel than other flooring options, the K-Guard+ surface protection gives the flooring a durable, hygienic finish.

While Korlok is suitable for basements, wet rooms, and basements, you should take steps to protect your new floor from water and moisture damage before installing it. Remember that the temperature in the room must not fluctuate significantly. Despite its waterproof nature, it cannot be installed over walk-in shower cubicles or wet rooms. And the subfloor should not be too uneven. If there is an uneven surface, you should cut off any highpoints/ridges and smooth it with a suitable smoothing compound.


Many consumers worry that NuCore Karndean flooring is too noisy. Although the company boasts positive reviews, some customers have been unhappy with the noise. To avoid this problem, NuCore has a noise reduction system that is not noticeable when underfoot. A noise reduction system combines acoustic insulation with a sound dampening material to create a quiet and comfortable space. This system is ideal for areas where sound is a concern, such as the bedroom or living room.

If you have kids, you may be worried about NuCore Karndean flooring’s noise level. The company has several noise-reduction features that make it suitable for children’s rooms. Additionally, this product is very easy to install. This flooring can be installed with the help of rubber backing. It comes with a 20-year residential warranty, which is longer than most flooring warranties. You can purchase NuCore Karndean flooring at a local flooring store, but it is not sold in big box stores.