Is 50 dB Loud For a Fan?

The sound of a 50-decibel fan is often accompanied by other noises. The distance from the source determines how loud the sound sounds. If you are standing close to the source, you’ll hear the sound as loud while you’re at a distance. However, your perception of the sound may also depend on the ambient noise around you. Loud background noise will drown out the sound of a 50-decibel fan.

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50 db is too loud for a fan

If you’re wondering why your computer fan is making a lot of noise, you’re not alone. High internal temperatures, high RAM usage, dust in vents, and lack of airflow can all cause your PC fan to become loud. There’s also a chance that you have a new PC that’s making the noise, due to a sideways HDD or cable hitting the spinning fan. To determine the exact cause of the noise, open the side-panel and listen.

For a good reference, a typical dishwasher makes between forty-six decibels of sound. Anything less than that is considered quiet. A dishwasher running at a 40-45 dB level is similar to the sound of rain. The same can be said for early mornings in the suburbs and libraries. 50 dB is too loud for a fan, and this amount of constant noise can cause fatigue. A quieter fan will have several fans running simultaneously to keep the noise to a minimum.