How to Turn Off Notifications on Facebook Messenger

If you’re tired of hearing notifications every few minutes, you might want to turn off notifications on your Facebook Messenger. You can also turn the volume up when you’re at home or at work. But you may want to turn off notifications while playing a game. This way, you won’t be disturbed by the noise.

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Facebook Messenger

If the notification sound in Facebook Messenger is becoming too loud, it might be time to change it. To fix this, you can go into the Settings menu and find “Notifications & Sounds.” To change this setting, tap “Messenger” and select the sound you would prefer. This will allow you to change the notification sound for calls and group chats.

Facebook Messenger has recently introduced’soundmojis,’ which are emojis with sound effects. For example, a clapping hand emoji now comes with an actual applause sound. You can also use a snare drum to play a drum roll. And if you want to drop a joke, you can just drop the cricket emoji.


Facebook Messenger users can send sounds as part of their messages. You can send a drumroll, clap sounds, or even an evil laugh. Soundmojis have already been used by celebrities and popular TV characters. One popular emoji sounds like a cook stirring macaroni. But if you are planning to go to a brunch, soundmojis might not be the best idea.

Soundmojis are one of Messenger’s latest additions. These emojis come with sound effects that can make your message even louder. They can produce a cricket’s sound, a laugh track, or drum rolls. You can send as many Soundmojis as you want in a message. They are best used in group chats and will make your conversation a lot louder.


The volume of notifications in the Messenger app can be adjusted, and it is recommended that you keep them at a low volume when not in use. However, if you’re working or at school, you may want to turn notifications off. In your home, you can always turn the volume up if you need to hear notifications.

To change the notification sound, go to the Settings menu on your phone. Then tap the “Notifications” section. Here, select the “Sounds” tab, and then tap “Notifications.” In the pop-up window, tap “Sounds” and then “Importance” to customize notifications for your device.

Do not disturb

Do not disturb is a setting on Facebook that prevents you from receiving notifications from your friends or colleagues. It can be used to stop receiving notifications for one hour or even a day. To turn this feature on, go to your settings and disable push notifications. You can also choose individual contacts to put on do not disturb. To do this, click the contacts menu and choose the option “Do not disturb.”

This setting is very useful when you’re in an unfamiliar area or want to work. It allows you to block notifications without compromising your privacy. Basically, you’ll be able to receive only notifications from the people you choose. When you enable do not disturb mode, all notifications from the Facebook app will stop. Once this feature is activated, you will not be notified about any incoming calls, text messages, Facebook messages, or Twitter. This mode is marked by a half moon icon in the top center of your lock screen.

Setting the volume

In Facebook Messenger, you can adjust the volume of the message alerts and ringer sounds. Tap the profile picture to open the main settings menu. Then select Notifications and Sounds under Preferences. You can also choose different ringtones for notification sounds. The volume slider is located in the upper right corner. After clicking on the volume slider, you can change the notification sounds and ringer. Lastly, you can change the notification alert tone.