How to Silence Down DG Exhaust

If you’d like to silence your DG exhaust, you can do so in several ways. DG O-Series exhaust inserts are a great way to quiet your exhaust by one to six decibels. They can be installed easily and simply sit in front of the spark arrestor. DG O-Series exhaust inserts come in five different sizes. Smaller diameters are quieter, while larger diameters are louder, but less restrictive.

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DG O-Series exhaust can reduce exhaust sound by 1 to 6 dB

The DG O-Series exhaust is a proven and reliable option to reduce the sound of your vehicle’s exhaust. It offers an impressive reduction in exhaust sound of one to six decibels. The muffler is made with a durable, four inch diameter round steel muffler body. The exhaust can be easily installed without affecting the vehicle’s frame.

DG Quiet Core Insert can reduce exhaust sound by 1 to 6 dB

If you’re looking to cut down on the exhaust noise, you can add a Dg Quiet Core Insert. Depending on the diameter of your bike’s exhaust system, this insert can reduce the sound by one to six decibels. These quiet inserts are made from 16 ga mild steel tubing and feature a 4 inch round steel muffler body.

DG Quiet Muffler Insert can reduce exhaust sound by 1 to 6 dB

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the exhaust noise in your car, the DG Quiet Muffler Insert is a great option. This simple aftermarket exhaust insert fits inside the muffler and reduces the sound of your exhaust by up to 6 dB. Depending on the type of car you have, this insert can reduce the exhaust sound by as much as 1 to 6 dB. The inserts are designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle’s existing muffler or mufflers.