How to Shower Quietly at Night

Depending on the time of day and location, showering late at night can make your neighbor complain. Even a tap running can be heard in a neighboring apartment. Try not to shower regularly after 11 p.m. Also, avoid flushing too much after this time. Even a tap can be heard by a neighbor, even if you don’t have a flusher. So how do you shower quietly at night?

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Less noise

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, it might be time to think about ways to make your shower less noisy. A loud bang from the shower door can wake you up, as can a sudden sound like water running in the pipes. Even 30 decibels can disturb your sleep, so you may want to consider installing additional insulation in the bathroom. This way, the noise from your shower won’t disturb your partner’s sleep.


There are several ways to reduce the noise created by your shower, which can cause your neighbors to complain about the noise. You can use aromatherapy in the shower by hanging a sprig of fresh eucalyptus over your shower head. You can also use shower melts or in-shower mists with relaxing lavender tablets. Keeping these tips in mind will help you shower more quietly at night.


Late night showers can cause complaints from neighbors. Not only is the shower noisy but the water running through pipes can be heard throughout other apartments. If you are sensitive to noise, try not to shower frequently after 11 p.m. Also, avoid flushing excessively at this time. Even taps can be heard by neighbors, so use a softener and a more subtle scent. But whatever you do, make sure you use the bathroom quietly.


When taking a shower at night, one of the best ways to relax and unwind is with candlelight. Candlelight creates a calming and romantic ambiance, and its notes can help you relieve stress and unwind after a long day. A variety of scents are available in candle form, from balancing eucalyptus to sweet earthy vetiver. The scents are so soothing that many people use them as a natural sedative before getting into bed. You can also try a dry brush massage, which will promote lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, and cleanse the body by buffing away dead skin cells.

Foot bath instead of a nighttime shower

A recent study found that a foot bath before sleep improved sleep quality for women. The researchers recruited 43 adults and assigned them to three groups. The first group was assigned to take a warm bath before bed, the second group opted for a hot foot bath before bed, and the third group did neither. The first night’s temperature was used to gauge acclimatization and sleep apnea, and the second night was divided into structured foot bathing or no bathing.

Using a playlist

One way to wake up to the sound of music is by using a playlist in your shower. Alarm clocks are often monotonous and accompanied by the same song every day, but a playlist can be a lot of fun. Set your favorite songs and a certain length for each song to make the shower time more bearable. You can even make several playlists, one for each mood or feeling, and use them to accompany your shower.