How to Reduce the Volume of Your TV

There are some basic fixes that you can do to reduce the volume of your television. For one, you can disable auto volume and audio enhancements. Another option is to turn down the volume during commercials and background music. This will cut down the volume of your television without having to compromise the sound quality.

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Disable auto volume

Disabling auto volume on TVs is a quick fix to a common problem. Many TVs have a setting that automatically adjusts the volume, which can become too high when you change channels. Fortunately, you can disable auto volume on your TV by turning it off and restarting it. If you still have trouble, try factory resetting the TV, which will wipe out all its settings and start from scratch.

Some TVs are equipped with an Advanced Auto Volume circuit, which makes bolder adjustments. This technology also works with a wide variety of program material, including stereo and digital channels.

Disable audio enhancements

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your TV, you can disable audio enhancements. Depending on the manufacturer, there are a number of ways to do so. In some cases, you can choose to disable them completely, while in other cases, you can enable them if you want them to continue working.

Using Windows, you can change the default audio device to disable the audio enhancements. Click the Advanced tab and choose Devices. Select the audio device that is set as your default device. If the device is not listed, click on its settings to change it.

Turn down background music

If you are watching television, turning down the background music may help you to get a better picture. Some shows have such loud music that the dialogue is not audible. Also, many TVs have speakers that can be adjusted for bass or treble. Using this feature will reduce the mid-range noise and allow you to hear the dialogue clearly.

The volume level of your television can be adjusted by going to the Settings menu. The Sound Mode option is located on the bottom right corner. The sound mode you select will determine how loud the background music is. The best choices are Standard or Clear Voice. You can also use the Auto Volume feature, which will automatically adjust the volume based on your preferences.

Turn down volume during commercials

If you hear a commercial that’s too loud while watching TV, try turning down the volume on your TV. Most TV stations use loud commercials to grab viewers’ attention. However, louder commercials can drive some viewers crazy. To make the volume less annoying, you can adjust the volume on your television, file a complaint, or turn off the sound altogether.

Most modern TVs have a volume leveling feature. You can also use an external audio-leveling device, such as a soundbar, to adjust the volume. TV commercials have always been loud, but the US Congress has made an effort to limit their loudness.

Turn down volume if you’re hearing impaired

If you’re hearing impaired, turning down the volume of your television is a good idea. Turning the volume up often doesn’t improve sound clarity, and the higher you turn it, the worse it gets. This is because hearing loss doesn’t affect the whole hearing range evenly. Some sounds are hard to hear, while others are just fine. When you’re watching a movie or television show, turning up the volume can make some sounds uncomfortable or even unrecognizable. Also, turning up the volume can make some sounds garbled.

One thing that you can do to minimize the volume on your television is to turn on closed captions. Closed captions are useful for reducing background noise, but they don’t work as well for live programs. Even if your television comes with closed captions, they can be misleading when compared to the dialogue in the live program.