How to Quiet Your Eshopps Overflow Box

You might be wondering how to quiet your eshopps overflow box. The answer lies in a couple of things. First, you need a Silencer. If that is not available, you can buy one. Secondly, you need a Ball valve and a Drill template. These items are relatively inexpensive and are easy to find. After you have these items, you need to build a pipe.

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If you have an overflow box with a Silencer, you will not have to worry about plugging it up again. This Silencer fits perfectly in this configuration, as long as the media in the box has at least half an inch diameter. To install this Silencer, simply cut off the top rear cover and the left rear fan opening on your tank. If you are not satisfied with the silencer, you can return it for a full refund.

Ball valve

There’s really only one way to get a noisy eshopps overflow box silent: a ball valve on the return line. A durso or a hofer will not work for this, but they will both restrict the flow of water. And while the latter two may not look like a ball valve at all, they work the same way. They are not as quiet as the former, but they can reduce noise as they restrict water flow by a hair.

Hole saw

If you’ve been wondering how to install your Eshopps overflow box, it’s not as difficult as you might think. You’ll need a hole saw and a drill template. After purchasing the box, you’ll want to install the return piping. Luckily, the kit comes with everything you need. Here’s how to install your box in about half an hour.

Drill template

There are two main series of Eshopps overflow boxes. Both look similar to the naked eye but differ slightly when it comes to features and performance. An internal overflow should sit at a level just above the rim of the tank. The overflow box is easy to install, but installing an external overflow will require a little more work. In this article, we’ll discuss how to drill a template to quiet an Eshopps overflow box.

The Eclipse overflow box is slim and fits any size tank. The Eshopps overflows include everything needed to drill the tank and mount the overflow securely. This product comes in three different models, so make sure to pick one based on the size of your tank and desired water flow rate. For your convenience, we’ve included a drill template to make it even easier. Drilling your Eshopps overflow box is a simple process. We’ve also included a drill guide to help you get the perfect water level.