How to Quiet the Ender3 Series

There are several ways to make your Ender3 series more quiet. Among these are using vibration dampers for stepper motors and TL Smoothers. In addition, there are some accessories that will help quiet the Ender3 series as well. If you’re looking for a quieter Ender3 series, you should read this article. You’ll learn how to install all of these. We also talk about upgrading your main board to a more silent one.

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Stepper motor vibration dampers

The best way to improve the speed and reduce noise of a 3D printer is to install a stepper motor vibration damper. A stepper motor vibration damper is an integral part of many 3D printers, and this product fits both X and Y axes. The dampers are compatible with Creality series printers and other 3D printers that use NEMA 17 stepper motors. This kit includes 12 pieces of vibration dampers, including 12 screws and a nut.

While stepper motors generate some vibration, dampers are an integral part of a silent printer. They reduce mechanical vibration and resonance while still allowing the extruder to move. But they also introduce a heat dissipation issue that can affect the quality of your 3D prints. Consequently, it is important to choose a stepper damper carefully. In addition to its noise-reducing benefits, these dampers can also shorten the lifespan of your motor.

Noiseblocker BlackSilent XC1*

The Noiseblocker BlackSilent XM2 works with 12 volts, while the Ender 3 requires 24 volts at the hotend. To replace this fan, you can use a stepdown regulator. The LM2596S* power supply adapter is a step down module that connects to the voltage regulator on your printer or to the cable that supplies the hotend.

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The Creality Ender 3 comes with two fans on the hotend and a power supply, but these can be replaced easily. The BlackSilent XC1* and XM2* from Noiseblocker are inexpensive alternatives. Both of them offer good price-performance ratios and ensure quiet printing. You can find both in a variety of prices, so you can find one that fits your budget.

TL Smoothers

Adding TL Smoothers to your Ender 3 printer will help to minimize the noise produced by the stepper motor driver. There are two versions of TL Smoothers, one for the standard Ender 3 and one for the Pro. Both are inexpensive and provide good results. TL Smoothers are also available in different designs for different types of printers. These smoothers will make your Ender 3 quieter, without sacrificing print quality.

TL Smoothers are a relatively inexpensive way to eliminate vibrations. While they won’t increase the quality of your prints, they will improve the noise produced by your Ender 3. The ARQQ TL Smoother Addon Module has good reviews and an average rating. While this addon module is not required for users with TMC silent drivers, it does make a difference if you use 4988 stepper drivers.

Upgraded main board

If you’re in the market for an upgrade for your Ender 3, consider purchasing an Upgraded Main Board by Creality. This part is compatible with Ender 3 Pro and Ender 3 V2 models. First, make sure your SD card is ready for firmware flashing and connected for 10 seconds. If you’re running an older version of Creality’s Ender 3, you may want to upgrade to version 2.0.1 first.

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This upgrade will increase the silence in your Ender 3 and make the entire system more efficient. It’s made up of two parts, one of which is a glass enclosure. The glass enclosure offers better sound insulation and also comes with a quieter mainboard and fan. For additional peace of mind, you can purchase the Quiet Ender 3 Pro from the same company. Just remember to check the compatibility chart before ordering your part.